July 1, 2022

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Costa Rica beat New Zealand in the playoffs to play in the World Cup in Qatar

Costa Rica beat New Zealand in the playoffs to play in the World Cup in Qatar

The winner will go to Group E in 2022 Qatar

Costa Rica had the last ticket Qatar World Cup They beat New Zealand 1-0 in Doha this Tuesday. The Central American team did not have the best version of it, but at least a win in the playoffs with a goal from Joel Campbell was enough to give them the key to entering Group E, which shares with Japan, Spain and Germany.

The game started two minutes later after a long sideline for a surprise rise Juvison Bennett On the left, use a distraction from the sea to overflow and throw back to the center for a surprising entry Joel Campbell. The striker hit the ball with his left foot, and although the shot was weak, it was sufficiently cornered that the goalkeeper did not take it out, making it 1-0. Costa Rica.

Despite gaining a quick advantage, the Central American team was unable to get a foothold on the field and they were overtaken by the opposition in the first half. Keeler Nawaz He had to intervene several times to prevent the fall of his bow VAR He saved them almost to the end by finding the offense of a play attack that ended with a goal Woods. All in all, the starting point scoreboard was 1-0 Dicos.

At the break, Luis Fernando Suarez made three changes, making it clear that he was not satisfied with the way his team played. Entry No. 10 is important, Brian RuizThis allowed his team to handle the ball more intelligently, thus regaining possession.

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When they were over 20 minutes, the New Zealand player Costa Barbaros The disqualification kicked off Baldness And arbitrator Abdullah Hassan Mohammed, After a review VARHe took the red and left the Oceanic team with 10, by which time he had already lost the intensity he showed in the first half.

Although 10 men, New Zealand He did everything he could to level the match and turn Nawaz into an icon. The Oceanic team, who went to see a painful header with the goalkeeper in the match area, exited without being able to change the action.

Costa Rica 1-0 win over New Zealand (Reuters)

In this way, Costa Rica The last to qualify for the World Cup will be part of Group E. Spain, Germany and Japan. This is the introduction to the winner of the playoff bracket Wednesday 23 November against Spain.

The Dicos Qualified for the World Cup for the first time Italy 1990, When they attacked and were second in the region after Brazil. However, Czechoslovakia knocked them out in the 16th round. 12 years have passed since they returned Korea-Japan 2002: The team was eliminated in the first round of the group, which included Brazil, Turkey and China.

After losing all three matches 2006 World Cup in GermanyHis weak performance in these matches signed, Costa Rica shone in 2014 in Brazil: He surprised the world and led a team that shared with Uruguay (second place), Italy and England. They beat Greece on penalties and advanced to the quarterfinals, but the Netherlands managed to knock them out the same way in a tight penalty shootout.

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Arena: Al Ryan Ground (Qatar)

Referee: Abdullah Hassan Mohammed (United Arab Emirates) / VAR: Abdullah Al Marri (Qatar)

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