July 2, 2022

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Un virólogo del CSIC establece quién debe vacunarse contra la viruela del mono

CSIC virologist determines who should be vaccinated against monkeypox

The Ministry of Health He approved a protocol for the early detection of monkeypox cases. Head of the Poxvirus and Vaccines Group of CSIC’s National Biotechnology Center, Mariano Esteban, stated in an interview at RNE . morning that society it Pay attention to the development of the virus, even if he does not worry.

It is a virus that exists, “It infects people, but it does not have the strategic ability to transmit like the coronavirus or influenza,” said a member of the WHO’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

He has been studying the smallpox virus for 50 years and is a researcher at the CSIC Global Health platform. Esteban points out that it is crucial Isolate the infected and those in contact with them and act quickly with existing tools.

You have to act fast

“We have learned a lot, and we know we have to move quickly, lock up and follow up on people who have been in contact, We have treatments, antivirals, and a vaccine against this virusStephen said.

Stephen agrees with European Center for Disease Prevention and Control on the idea of ​​vaccinating high-risk contactsbut it is not considered a massive vaccination campaign necessary.

A mass vaccination campaign is not necessary

That is why he said:It is not necessary to implement mass vaccination programs because it is more a localized virus The number of cases is small, but guidelines should be put in place to prevent it from spreading.”

In addition, he said that the strain from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has a mortality rate of 10%, noting that it is necessary to “Be alert” to any virus, Although these can be considered extinct.

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The virologist concluded with a strong message: Technologies are increasing and the ability to reconstruct the virus exists. And you have to be vigilant and stay ahead of anyone trying to commit any criminal act against humanity.”


Also known as “monkeypox”, it is a viral zoonotic disease, Disease caused by viruses transmitted from animals to humans. The CDC says its symptoms are similar to those of smallpox, but milder. Only 1 in 100 cases of this strain of smallpox is fatalalthough rates may be higher among people with weakened immune systems.

Incubation period for monkeypox Usually seven to 14 days, although it can vary from five to 21 days. It usually presents with fever, swollen lymph nodes, chills, fatigue, muscle weakness, headache, and back pain.

One to three days after the onset of these symptoms, The patient usually develops a rash that usually begins on the face and spreads to the rest of the body. Most infections last two to four weeks.