May 27, 2024

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Cuba gave Mexico a bronze in Norsica de Volleyball

Cuba gave Mexico a bronze in Norsica de Volleyball

Mexico’s victory over defending champion Cuba gave them a third bronze medal. Photo: JIT

The Cuban team surrendered to Mexico on Monday in the Norseca Men’s Continental Championship bronze medal discussion by falling 3-1 (22-25, 25-18, 30-28, 27-25) in two hours of tough battle at the Auditorio del Pueblo in Durango, Mexico.

The gold medal went to Puerto Rico by dominating Canada 3-0 (25-18, 25-21, 25-23) and for the first time taking the title in this tournament. For their part, the Northerners took second place for the sixth time, their gold medal and 14 bronze medals.

Mexico’s victory over defending champion Cuba gave them their third bronze medal in the history of these competitions, this time bye with four wins and one setback.

The Antilles team finished 3-2. After three straight victories, they faltered first against Puerto Rico in the semi-finals and against the hosts in the final, and in both challenges after two massive unforced errors: 44 and 41 respectively.

Yosefani Muñoz, coach of Cuba, had the right answer about this result, which is understandable when it comes to a group of players who saw their preparation stalled and not as successful as they would have liked due to the COVID-19 situation on the island. That not only affected representatives, like others in age groups.

“The difference was in our many mistakes in the crucial moments, it happened to us throughout the competition; it’s not justified, but we had very little training time, very few days of work and what was not done in training was not done at that time of play. “

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Muñoz declared: “I am satisfied with the dedication and performance of our players, even though they are not physically or technically prepared”

Norsica website tells the severity of the accident. In the third set, which spanned 30 cards on 28 cards, the home team that won it recovered from a five-point lead (14-19) and then lost five points.

Meanwhile, something similar happened to the Cubans in the Fourth Division when they struggled for the win to reach the tiebreak. They crossed four points (14-18) from the difference, but did not reach their goal and lost 25-27.

Muñoz’s pupils were only surpassed by their rivals in attacks (52-43) and in non-forced fouls (33-41), but they again prevailed in the effectiveness of blocking (10-5) and serving (10-5). Of these, four went to Jesus Herrera’s left-handed account.

Corner player Miguel Angel Lopez and Herrera were West Indians with double digits. Cienfuegos captain contributed 19 points (15-1-3) and opposite Artemisino 18 (13-1-4), and they walked the entire path past center Jose Yisrael Maso, winning 8 units (6 attacks and 2 walls).

For his part, Johan Leon scored 7 lines (5-1-1) in the last two sets he played, after resting Julio Cesar Cardenas (2); Passing Adrián Goide added 4 points in the first three sections, with Lyvan Taboada finishing that position, while center back Tomás Lescay added 4 points in three sections as a replacement for Andril Pedroso (2). The Liberian was Yonder Garcia.

The Mexican counterpart, Diego Gonzalez, was the game’s top scorer with 22 points, accompanied by the corner player Jose Lopez (13) and central Axel Telles (11).

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In other results from the last date, the United States finished fifth with a 3-1 victory over the Dominican Republic (21-25, 25-22, 25-22, 25-21) and Guatemala finished seventh thanks to its victory over Trinidad. Tobago 3-0 (25-22, 25-22, 25-21).


Most valuable player: Arturo Iglesias, PUR

Usher: Pedro Rangel, Mexico

the first. Attacker: Miguel Angel Lopez, FC Barcelona

2do. Atacante: Brandon Coopers, Kan

the first. Middle: Jose Israel Massó, CUB

The second. Position: Dawilin Ramill Méndez, DOM

Interviewer: Henry Omar Tapia, Dom

Liberians: Dennis Del Valle, PUR

Best receiver: Carlos López, GUA

Best Defender: Dennis Del Valle, PUR

Best Service: Josué De Jesús López, Mexico

Best scorer: Henry Omar Tapia, Dom

(taken from JIT)