May 18, 2024

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Cults, the file platform for 3D printing

The 3D printing process requires several prior steps before obtaining the desired part. Once we have an idea of ​​the object we want to print and have a diagram, we need a program capable of converting that design idea into STL format. It will first take the program called cutting or packing Which will be responsible for laminating in several layers and then the STL file will be needed. After that, the machine can continue the printing process. Therefore, the STL files They are essential to get started and many platforms have specialized in downloading these files. In the market we find a large number of web pages that offer 3D models (free and paid) to find sketch fab also Universe Which allows the community to share their projects easily. Today we are talking about one of the most famous denominations, which is the file platform for 3D printing.

Cults is a French startup born in 2014 that provides access to improved 3D models and the ability to enable the most creative people to sell their designs. Today, the platform has 6.07 million registered international manufacturers in addition to the 4,000 new members it receives every day. It’s a platform that connects 3D printing file manufacturers to those who want to get them. It offers many free, open-source or paid templates. You can find many files in the format STL, 3MF, OBJ, CAD, STEP, SCAD, DXF, DWG, SVG. It is also available in five languages ​​English, Spanish, French, German and Russian and you can pay in the currency corresponding to your country.

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What can you find in this platform?

Upon accessing the platform, you will find a menu at the top consisting of 6 options: upload templates, designs, collections, brands, contests and blog. In the first one starting from the left you can upload 3D model files for free or paid, if you choose the second option you will receive 80% of the net sale price. Denominations will reserve 20% to fund the bank’s commissions. If you are a maker, you will also have the option to publish images of your 3D printed objects indicating the 3D printer being used and your printing and post-processing settings. Next to the “Upload” option you will find “Designs”, where you can find 3D models by the category you want, from art, fashion, jewelry, architecture, games….

Continuing the list we will find “groups”, here we see groups of 3D files and Depending on the topic, you can discover great ideas. The next option in the list is for makers, here you will find images of things that have been printed by the community. But in addition to that, the Cults platform provides the option to participate in contests, some examples like creating a 3D printable model to recycle an everyday object, or making a 3D printable model related to architecture, you can win prizes like money or even 3D printers!


The structure of the sects site

Whether you are a fan 3D printingAs if you were a creative person. Cults is the platform that encourages its community to allow us all to participate. In it you will find the inspiration you need and the possibility to download 3D files. Curious about this company? If we read Cults vice versa, it refers to .stl, which is the most commonly used format, just as if we read Cul vice versa, it refers to Saint Luke, the patron saint of artists and sculptors, an interesting name that sums up the mission of this company. You can find more information about Cults on their website over here

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