Cummins has made a strategic hydrogen purchase

He took complete control of the Hydrogenics Corporation, which is dedicated to developing fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Cummins assumed full control of the shareholding package Hydrogen Corporation (Canada), a company specializing in the development of fuel cells and electrolyzers essential for the future hydrogen.

The operation took place through the acquisition of 19% of the company that was still in the hands of air fluid.

The company’s direct purchase is a very important step for its growth strategy in payment systems with hydrogen.

Cummins really got it hydrogen In 2019, however air fluid He was still in possession of a portion of the shares.

In this way, Cummins guarantees complete ownership of key manufacturing technologies. fuel cells And Electrolyzeris fundamental to the future of hydrogen.

“This move enables continued investment and growth in hydrogen technologies to meet the rapidly growing demand.”Cummins said in announcing the purchase.

huge investments

In May, Cummins announced investments for 1,000 million US dollars Designed to produce engines that work with it alternative fuel.

The company expected that in the first phase, the focus of payments would be on the engines it worked with natural gas And hydrogenamong other low-carbon options.


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