December 9, 2023

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CUPRA DarkRebel Concept: the electric car that returns from the future

CUPRA DarkRebel Concept: the electric car that returns from the future

Today, more than ever, the automotive industry is developing at a rapid pace, more than ever before Modern Cobra concept Known as DarkRebel is a clear example of this revolution.

This concept is more than just a car. It is an embodiment of the creativity of the Cobra tribe, which collaborated on its design. With more than one contribution 270,000 configurations, Including brand ambassadors and personalities, this car is the result of a unique collaboration between… Imagination and technology.

All the data collected to create this car was transferred into the final design, which moved from the virtual world to the real world with the introduction of this concept car Very revolutionary.

More than an innovative design

Visually, this prototype represents the ultimate provocation of Cupra design, thus presenting itself as a two-seater electric sports car with a Shooting brake with sharp lines and smooth surfaces that create a sporty and dynamic appearance.

In addition to this appearance, the exterior draws attention to the mercury-like coating that changes color depending on the incidence of light and the illumination present in the various elements.

Same thing on the inside: complete avant-garde

Inside, the CUPRA DarkRebel is also a sophisticated space. From here the spine emerges Tie the front to the back This also integrates the most important elements of leadership.

There are Supersport bucket seats, which have a transparent structure and upholstered headrests 3D knit fabric, a video game-inspired steering wheel, and a simple gear lever.

Revolutionary user experience

Striving to be a completely distinctive car, the CUPRA DarkRebel offers a driving experience to everyone Combining physical and digital. It offers three different experiments: exponential square, exponential cube, and exponential infinity. Each of these experiences offers unique settings for the car’s exterior, interior, lighting and sound.

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This concept Cupra doesn’t just redefine car design It represents the future of electric mobility, but it also revolutionizes the driving experience, offering a completely different experience.