August 19, 2022

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Cupra offers little clues to its next hybrid SUV: you'll know in 2024

Cupra offers little clues to its next hybrid SUV: you’ll know in 2024

As an independent brand, Cupra is sweeping sales according to its CEO, and it’s also working on new SUVs that will have either MHEV or PHEV engines.

Details are few, we can’t help but see For an SUV covered with a blue blanket It completely hides his true identity. There is no file yet specific name possible, However, the expectation is to be in a good position within the European market.

We know that little by little the veil covering it will be pulled aside, which will allow it Better glimpse To a straight-top car, which you can probably brag about good dimensions. Starting with a wide wheelbase, Spacious cabin and large trunk.

It has to be said since then seat gave him separate place to CobraThe brand has performed well in the market. to the point where According to its CEOsell more than alfa romeo, We expect a higher increase With future releases.

Bigger battery, more powerful EV motor

According to the little Cobra, the future SUV will position itself in Europe Within the C section. Taking into account the reception of the brand on this continent, The form will be available with Motors MHEV or PHEV.

As additional data, there is a possibility that a file Plug-in hybrid version to benefit from 100 kilometers of autonomy Electricity on one charge. In addition to the powertrain that will appear for the first time in the model, using one of the BEST PHEV SYSTEMS from the group Volkswagen.

If so, you probably have a file Bigger battery Hence More powerful electric motor. Therefore, Cupra will maintain a high level of performance, following the line in current models.

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A clear example of German brand commitment is Cobra Foster VZ5, to which they have applied a new package of improvements 450 hp And the 530 Nm of torque. Added to the in-line five-cylinder unit out of Audi, in order a At a maximum of 270 km / h.

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Maria Alejandra Villamisar Sarmiento. source: Engine 1