December 8, 2023

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Custom made, no screws and ultra-quiet mechanics

Custom made, no screws and ultra-quiet mechanics

Electric bicycles, which have become popular in recent years, are not the only ones receiving all kinds of innovations. In the case of traditional bicycles, there are engineers and brands from all over the world, including Spain, developing Solutions to improve your performancesuch as the crank that increases performance or the wheels with NASA technology that do not go flat.

Even car manufacturers, such as BMW, Porsche or Mercedes-Benz, have joined this growing supply of inventions, parts and models, which have their own advanced electric bikes. Not wanting to be outdone, Aston Martin recently announced a collaboration with British bike company J. Laverack, which specializes in bikes with titanium frames. Together they presented the .1R, the world’s first screwless bicycle, in which 3D printing had a big role to play.

Fernando Alonso’s current Formula 1 team was involved in the design and development of the bike, even to the point of taking it into consideration. “Titanium supercar on two wheels”. This all-new model, according to Aston Martin Creative Director, Marek Reichmann, “takes bike design to unprecedented levels and rewrites the rule book for development and personalisation. Simple and clever genius is how we have combined engineering advancements throughout the bike with the purity of performance design, This provides a very exhilarating riding experience.”

3D printing

At the moment, the price of this engineering gem is unknown, but take it into consideration More than 1000 man hours are needed for each unit. It is completely custom-made, and is probably much more expensive than a car. In addition, the materials used to give it strength and lightness are carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium.

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To maximize comfort and performance, those responsible for .1R want it to adapt perfectly to each user. So, The client first spends a day at Aston Martin’s headquarters In Gaydon (England), where all measurements are taken to set the optimal tube length, frame angles, handlebar widths and crank dimensions with micromillimeter precision.

1R bike from Aston Martin and J. Laverac

Once this process is completed, the second step is Customize color and different types of materials for saddle arms and handlebars. The options are almost endless, but the prototypes that have been shown in public are instantly recognizable thanks to the teal color associated with Aston Martin.

For those responsible for the vehicle, this detailed customization represents a direct challenge to how bicycles have traditionally been designed and manufactured. Typically, all kinds of manual mounts and adjustment possibilities are sought, so that the bikes adapt to the different shapes and sizes of potential cyclists. on the contrary, .1R starts from scratch thanks to 3D printing and CNC machines (Numerical Part Control), which allows every part of the bike to be created with very high precision.

J. Laverack Aston Martin .1R bike chain

J. Laverac / Aston Martin


The frame and fork have a great strength-to-weight ratio and contribute crucially to achieving this The total weight of the bike has a starting point of 7.5 kg. For maximum precision, they are machined and handcrafted using parametrically engineered carbon fiber screws and tubes from aerospace grade titanium (6AI/4V). The most surprising thing is No screws or any other type of visible fastening Between the frame and the headset, seat post or bottle cage.

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To give each bike even more individuality, the frame is individually numbered and has a badge on the head tube, as well Aston Martin logo on the handlebars and another on the seat post bridge.

Other innovations

“Under the elegant and timeless frame of the .1R is hidden Many firsts in design and engineering to create a bike that is manufactured without compromise. “It’s the Aston Martin Valkyrie of bikes,” says Oliver Laverac, co-founder of the British bike company. Company website, including customization tool

Among these innovations, it stands out The world’s first compact disc brake calipers. Each features a heat-resistant ceramic coating and is manufactured from a single block of high-strength aluminium, to which four titanium pistons have been added to give the rider complete control on even the steepest inclines. In addition, the cables are integrated into the frame, so as not to detract from the elegance of the design.

The handlebars are from .1R

J. Laverac / Aston Martin


Electronic transmission is guaranteed Smooth, flawless and almost silent changes“, although the customer can choose between different components from top brands, such as Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, SRAM Red eTap AXS or Campagnolo Super Record Wireless.

As for the cranks, they are made of carbon and have 3D-printed titanium tips, and they adapt to the needs of each cyclist. Length can be selected in almost increments to achieve the perfect fit. For this part, The bottom bracket axle is inspired by the wheel nut of the Aston Martin Valkyrie supercarLike the brakes, it has ceramic bearings and is covered with a heat-resistant coating.

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[La bici eléctrica futurista ‘made in Spain’ ya está a la venta: diseño único y sistema antirrobo]

Finally, the rims are made of carbon with a depth of 55 mm, with 28 spokes and 30mm Continental tireswhich ensures the best performance on the road, in addition to great grip and durability.

In short, an engineering masterpiece that few can afford, but that is Pushes currently available technology to the limit To design, manufacture and build bicycles.

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