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Dark chocolate for the German team

Dark chocolate for the German team


In the German concentrate of Qatar there are no isotonic drinks or snacks containing meat. ‘Die Mannschaft’ is increasingly betting on a vegan diet

Anton Schmauss, German soccer team cook.GT

what. The German team’s diet, led by Chef Anton Schmauss, is increasingly vegetarian and focused on carbohydrates. Animal protein is minimized and sugar is prohibited, with the exception of 85% cocoa chocolate.

Why. In competition, everything is scheduled. The goal is to boost the performance of the players and try to get them to eat together to strengthen their bond.

The German soccer team celebrated the first Sunday of Advent with tie with Spain Headed by Costa Rica’s victory over Japan. With their hair, they stay in Qatar; Away from the noise of the traditional Christmas markets where his compatriots fight the cold with wine and alcohol with half-meter-long grilled sausages. Deep down, they are lucky that all roads in Qatar lead to the desert because if the Germans have trouble giving up their markets to watch a World Cup match, the players are barred from geese. football players in German team They don’t eat a la carte when they are in competition and they don’t eat when they are hungry. Everything is in its time and everything is very vegetarian and vegan.

The selection’s head chef, Anton Schmauss, says the selection is a reflection of society and that the German person is increasingly vegetarian. Some players, like Thomas Müller, eat partially vegetarian, and others, like the Formula 1 driver, from the time they get up until they go to bed. Lewis Hamiltona vegetarian since he was 20 years old, or triathlete Jan Frodeno.

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There are no studies showing that this type of diet favors performance, but, just in case of competition, there are no sausages or knuckles with sauerkraut, but plenty of vegetables, peas in all possible combinations and beetroot curry, many of the chef’s specialties.

Animal protein is reduced to the maximum. No meat, unless Schmauss decides to surprise them by preparing sautéed chicken, no fish and no dairy vegetables. Pastries, milk and white chocolate were also bypassed. For selection, the chocolate starts with an 85% cocoa content, the more bitter the better. They can taste it in a tablet or liquid, to add some color to their banana pancakes for breakfast. The question is how little fat and practically no sugar.

Lunch is served three to four hours before the game, a feast of carbohydrates that, depending on the day, includes pasta with assorted sauces, three rice or sweet potatoes, and for dessert, roasted pineapple or rice pudding. In short, anything that can be quickly absorbed by the body and generate energy.

The players’ day is heavily scheduled, which, according to the chef, prevents the boys from tasting their creations with the time they deserve. Some get massages, others extend showers after training or lounging. The daily plan tries to get all players to eat at the same time to strengthen team bonds, but since there is no bell to call the dining room, not everyone goes to the buffet at the same time. When there is a special dish, yes the word spreads and the last one is stupid.

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In the first half of the game, there is no snack. This time is reserved for the coach and medical staff, unless the player secretly takes a chocolate bar to the locker room to replenish energy. For tomorrow’s game, that won’t be necessary. Germany plays the transition to the round of 16 against Costa Rica, a major exporter of cocoa and its derivatives. Be sure to Ticos They distribute in the locker room.

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