August 7, 2022

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David Harbor Wasn't Confident That Stranger Things Would Be Successful

David Harbor Wasn’t Confident That Stranger Things Would Be Successful

In a dramatic year in its history, Netflix has managed to save Weird things. The massive loss of subscribers (at least in the media) was addressed by successful obscene ratings for the series Dover, becoming the most watched English-language content in the platform’s history. It all adapts to the sheer scale the project has gained for its fourth season, split into two parts SizesFinally, it culminated in a two-and-a-half hour episode. Fans had to invest a lot of time in following the adventures of the Hawkins gang, and this resulted in massive follow-up rates, which few would have expected.

Especially in the early stages of production, when confidence in the project was evident in its absence. David Harbour explains the Sherif Hopper, during the interview day one show subordinate BBC He remembered those days, when none of his castmates imagined the bombshell that was going to happen when it premiered on Netflix. In fact, the general feeling was that they were headed for failure. “I remember when we were filming season one. We were in Atlanta, and Netflix gave us a budget of about $20.”Harbor explains. “I remember my hairstylist came to me around episode 4 and said ‘I don’t think it will work.

The hairstylist felt the displeasure of everyone, including Harbor himself. “By the time we finished, I thought there wouldn’t be a second season, that we would be the first series on Netflix that didn’t have a second season. We thought no one would see it, and it would be a disaster.” Fortunately they were wrong, and Weird things It was a phenomenon from the first season, fueling a fever in the ’80s that recently favored classic songs to become new fashion again. also Running over this hill From Kate Bushalso puppet master From Metallica: The songs that returned to the top of the charts thanks to the series that no one thought would succeed.

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