June 21, 2024

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Del Bosque in Costa Rica or New Zealand: "They are rivals, they should not be underestimated"

Del Bosque in Costa Rica or New Zealand: “They are rivals, they should not be underestimated”

Vicente del Bosque, coach of the World Champions with the Spanish national team in 2010 and the Champions League champion with Real Madrid, called on the Spanish players to be extra careful before a possible match against Costa Rica or New Zealand in Qatar in 2022.

In last Friday’s draw, the Iberian team in Group E indicated that they would face the World Cup playoff winner in the first round between Germany, Japan and New Zealand and La Sele. .

“We played in a match against Costa Rica in Lyon, we won it (2-1, in 2015, another friendly Spain won 5-0 in Malaga in 2017), and against New Zealand (0-5 in Rustenburg) they were rivals, it should not be underestimated. , You have to be very careful with everyone, “the former coach said of the only competitor leaving the tournament on June 14 in Doha (Qatar).

Del Bosque’s rating contradicts current Spain coach Luis Enrique’s, who said he knew little about Costa Rica.

“I went on vacation two years ago (to Costa Rica), but unfortunately (I know a lot). Game Delights In Qatar.

Del Bosque made it clear that Germany would be a test match in the first round.

“We have recently defeated the Germans, we have already lost that campus with them and there is no reason to be afraid, however this is undoubtedly the worst of the group’s rivals,” he said in a statement to EFE. Monday ..

Sele will face New Zealand in the same match on June 14, with the winning team qualifying for the World Cup and face Spain in the first match on November 23 at 10am (Costa Rica time).

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