June 20, 2024

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Delegates drop the tie

Under pressure from a Maori deputy and public opinion, parliament forced the wearing of the tie, which some considered a “colonial” symbol.

In New Zealand, evidence of coronavirus infection Already in ancient history, The animated debate of MPs in Wellington this week … focused on their dress code. At the beginning of these discussions, the co-chair of the Mori party, MP. Raviri is waiting. Earlier in the week, he was denied the right to speak in a parliamentary debate and was later expelled from Hive, as Wellington’s parliament is known. Reason: No tie …

The practical rules of the National Assembly must be worn by the delegates “Perfect Style” Also, the tie for men is rigur. “Most of the people who elected me do not wear a tie. What I have earned to speak on their behalf in Parliament is not the clothes I wear, but the votes and confidence they have in me.” Ravi Waittidi argued after being expelled from Parliament.

This rule wants to force what I describe the tribal people into … the colonial knot

Raviri Waittiti, co-chairman of the Maori Party

Refuse to wear

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