June 21, 2024

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Detainees march to social development to claim food aid

Detainees march to social development to claim food aid

Left organizations of which it is composed pick up unit (UP) They will gather this afternoon to headquarters Ministries of Social Development and Laborin a claim Nutritional aid for soup kitchens Based on Tools for producing enterprises. The protest will begin at 1:00 in the afternoon, and they will head to the courier driving headquarters Peace Victoria Toulouse They will then head to the Job Portfolio headquarters, located at 600 Leandro St. in Alem, for the SMVM session.

The Piquetero Unit consists of the UP, MTR-Votamos Luchar, CUBA-MTR, Barrios de Pie Movement, National Piquetero Bloc, Armando Conciencia Group, 17 November, and MTR Teresa Rodríguez, a faction of FOL and the Regional Liberation Movement ( MTL-Rebelde). As well as the Coordinator of Social Change, the Socialist Movement of Workers (MST), the Federation of People’s Organizations (FOB) and the Neighborhood Workers’ Movement (MBT).

“On Tuesday, we will first watch the (Argentina football team in the Qatar World Cup) match and we will support Argentina, but we will also support decent wages, above inflation, because the minimum wage cannot be below the poverty line,” the leader of Polo Obrero (PO) told the press on last Thursday Eduardo Belliboni.

Residents and attendees walking on the second night of lights

workers gathering in Association of Health, Residents and Attendees of Buenos Aires City Hospitals will perform today The second day of the “Night of Lights”. in your claimn Salary and ART for professionals who work for free and that they were not taken into account in the recent agreement reached with the Buenos Aires government.

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Today at 7:30 pm they called for a gathering on Callao and Corrientes streets under the motto “Do not extinguish health”. It is required to attend “in black” and bring a “candle or lantern” to accompany the claim.

The first night of doctors’ lights.

Currently, There are more than 600 health workers who “work for free and without ART, between 20 and 40 hours a week, with calls on weekends.”benefited from the association. “We achieved a great victory by obtaining $200,000 in income for an incoming resident with CABA Assembly. However, What we achieved is only our minimum salary requirement. And the fight to win involves our fellow competitors.”

Meanwhile, the The Association of Graduates in Nursing (ALE) will rally today to the Congress of the 12th Union sources reported that the Buenos Aires government was demanding a “pocket salary of 200,000 pesos and final recognition” for the sector. From the ALE they report that tomorrow at 6:00 pm the members of this union entity will hold a general meeting of the sector with the aim of “preparing a robust procedure” in all hospitals and health care centers in the city of Buenos Aires.