July 1, 2022

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Diamond shower on Neptune and Uranus, why does this happen?  - Life sciences

Diamond shower on Neptune and Uranus, why does this happen? – Life sciences

In 2013, scientists from University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the United States, that the characteristics of the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn can cause a “barrage” of diamonds. This is after they concluded that there is an abundance of “dazzling crystal carbon”.

This process occurs due to the large number of electrical storms present in the atmosphere, and there is also an infinity of particles coexisting methane gas That, when bumping into Beam, They broke. In this way, the carbon from the reaction combines to form a heavier substance.

Diamonds of Saturn and Jupiter are expected to have a diameter of one centimeter.

Heavier soot (carbon) begins to precipitate, so when it comes down to the surface it is exposed to higher environments of temperature and pressure.

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New environmental conditions make carbon to graphite then in Diamond exposed to about 2700°C. Finally, by continuing to go down, it will end up turning into a liquid.

“The study reported that the size of each stone is only one centimeter in diameter, which is a suitable size to put in the ring.”Dr Kevin Baines from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory told the BBC.

It is expected to rain a year 10 tons of stones Precious because of the chemical reaction in the atmosphere.

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It should be noted that the research has been under study for 9 years, so they continued to analyze the possibilities that both stars could generate such a size of diamond. However, analysts assert that it is Very possible You find them, because the conditions are ripe for their development.

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