June 21, 2024

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Diego Armando Maradona tendrĂ¡ bioserie en Amazon Prime

Diego Armando Maradona will have a live series on Amazon Prime

It will be on October 29th when it opens, all over the world, Maradona is a blessed dream, Biography of the Argentine star created by Amazon Prime.

Diego Armando Maradona’s autobiography series Nazarino Casero, Juan Palomino and Nicholas GoldschmidtWho will greet the Argentine footballer in his various stages.

Maradona is a blessed dream It can be watched in more than 240 countries and one episode will be released per week In it, important moments in the player’s personal and sports life are captured. The vital series is produced by BTF Media, in co-production with Dhana Media and Latin We, and has been recorded at locations in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Mexico.

Other actors involved in this Amazon series are Giulietta Cardinale, Laura Esquivel, Mercedes Moran, Baby Monge and Peter LanzanI.

The series was directed by Alejandro Emita in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay, who wrote the work with Guillermo Salmeron and Silvina Olshansky.

Roger Gawal and Eduardo de Angelis directed the episodes in Spain and Italy, respectively.

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