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The Comptroller’s Office discovers that Seremi de Salud de Los Ríos made alcoholic jelly without the permission of the ISP

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Serious irregularities were found by the Comptroller General of the Republic at Los Ríos Health Seremi, revealing that they had manufactured alcohol jelly without permission from the Institute of Public Health and that they had received donations of supplies from a company undergoing a sanctioning process.

The complaint, which the regulator investigated, came at the request of Ricardo Rivera, president of the Los Rios Sanitation Authority Officials Association, to announce the manufacture of alcohol gel in Seremi de Salud offices.

The Office of the Comptroller noted that Seremi de Salud informed them that after a stock outage last year, they were able to manage a request for a donation of supplies to manufacture an alcohol gel destined for public and private entities, for which they obtained a contribution of 200 liters of alcohol from one of the companies. from the region, indicating that the highest authority at the time was not aware of pending health measures against him.

Subsequently, the ISP verified the production of alcohol gel according to the described conditions, requested an administrative summary and the aforementioned prohibition of manufacturing, as well as the refusal of Seremi de Salud to receive donations that come from those who are subject to an ongoing sanctioning procedure.

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