May 27, 2022

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Discover the five basic requirements to be a good leader

Discover the five basic requirements to be a good leader

VIU – Valencia International University Round table was held Sustainable leadership and well-being in organizations With the aim of analyzing human resource management in this field. In the session moderated by Manoli Pozzo, Director of the Master’s Program in Leadership and People Management at VIUShare Pilar Rojas Caja, Global Head of Corporate Culture, Diversity and Inclusion at RepsolAnd the Celia Ortiz MonteganoAnd the Ferrovial employee experience managerAnd the Javier Esteban López de Quintana, Vice President of Human Resources for North America Region at FAURECIAAnd the Lucio Fernndez Fernndez, Director of Human Resources at Atresmedia.

Manoli Pozzo started the session by talking about the need to implement sustainable leadership that brings together the social, economic and environmental domains. “The leader’s figure in this sense must be able to balance these areas and convey the company’s goal to the team, always focusing in their business on the well-being of their professionals.” “We are at a time when organizations must play the role of agents of change in facing the major challenges of society, and the role of the leader is the driver of this transformation.”

in this way, red pillar He has highlighted that the work of the human resource field is “accompanying, measuring, and giving feedback to leaders who have potential for improvement”. Xavier Esteban He wanted to focus on team management, explaining that “when people leave the company they look at HR and who they should look at is the leader because he’s in charge of managing the team.” Lucio Ferendez He defined a leader as “someone you can trust because we give them our career.” Likewise, he wanted to highlight communication as an essential characteristic, that he “must know how to transmit and listen”, plus he should be a person who “is close, committed and able to take responsibility for decisions”. Celia Ortiz MonteganoFor its part, it deepened the idea that “the company for collaborators is a very high ethereal object and the way it is perceived is done through leaders.” “They are the hands, the voice and the ears of companies, so they must know how to transmit, to listen effectively, and to collect what’s going on,” he added.

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Human resources as a tool for generating well-being among people

According to the World Health Organization, a healthy environment is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease”. witty, red pillar Hectare He argued that it is “part of our responsibility to create work environments in which this occurs”. Celia Ortiz Montegano He emphasized the need for people-specific domains “to be flexible enough to respond to the needs that talent demands and to help companies realize this model”. Additionally, “studies have revealed that happy employees are up to 12% more productive” Xavier Stephen. Lucio Ferendez Hectare He noted the huge challenge that HR is action-oriented and should feel close to opening new frontiers.

With regard to putting these Guidelines into practice and embodying them in concrete examples, Global Head of Corporate Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Repsol He wanted to give an example that “Repsol has been implementing remote work for over 10 years, so when the pandemic arrived, the hardware and skills were already implanted in the teams.” The Ferrovial employee experience manager He spoke of his model of active listening in which they moved from a long survey every two years to simple, repetitive models that allow them to analyze and act. The Vice President, North America, Human Resources, FAURECIA They spoke about their project to promote diversity and inclusion thanks to which they identified areas for improvement and strengths in their entity, which helped them review HR practices and work on aspects such as hiring bias. On the other hand, the Director of Human Resources at Atresmedia, He wanted to address what happens when a company doesn’t have to provide professional development. “This is our challenge, providing answers to people. Those who work in HR know that human and professional quality makes a difference, and sometimes we have to be creative to adapt to the resources and for people to continue to feel engaged and motivated with the company,” he explained.

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In current affairs and how to manage a situation like that which is happening in Ukraine from this region, red pillarAnd the “In the case of Repsol, we will continue to approach companies to support them on a daily basis and provide a way to direct assistance,” he explained. Lucio FerendezWith regards to Atresmedia, it has focused on ensuring ethics in information.

The future of human resources

When describing the future of human resources, Celia Ortiz Montegano He has pointed out that “the great trend in welfare will secure time as a broader concept. It is time to develop in the way workers want, both personally and professionally.” In this context, Javier Esteban commented, “The pandemic has taught us from human resources and public administration to be more resilient.” “In the United States, 52% of people are considering quitting their jobs, and this is a challenge that helps us be creative,” he added.

This roundtable is part of the commitment of the International University of Valencia with its students to provide them with higher education closely linked to the demand and needs of the labor market, offering them through its master classes the expertise of leading experts in their sector.

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