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Discover the life of Silvio Rodriguez: 10 facts that distinguished his career

Discover the life of Silvio Rodriguez: 10 facts that distinguished his career

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A day like today, but 77 years ago, Silvio Rodriguez was born. One of the most famous Cuban troubadours around the world who has captivated millions of people with his music.

That’s why we’ll be sharing with you today 10 facts you should know about him To honor him properly.

What you should know about Silvio Rodriguez

1. He was born exactly on November 29, 1946 in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba and His full name is Silvio Rodriguez Dominguez.

2. He is considered one of the greatest exponents of Nueva Trovaa generation of musicians who emerged from the Cuban Revolution.

3. In his study, piano and guitar stand out.Which he chose permanently after entering military service.

4. His first appearance was in 1967 On the TV show “Music and Stars”, where he performed songs such as “Es sed”, “Sueño dehangado y la tierra” and “Quédate”.

It is very popular in Mexico. Credit: Cuartoscuro

5. In the same year, from November to mid-1968 He ventured out as a TV presenter on the show “In the Meantime”Where he met Pablo Milanes and Noel Nicola.

6. It is fair with them He founded the Nueva Trova movement.

7. Throughout his career, Silvio has composed more than 500 songs Which can be found on more than 20 albums.

8. Because he was a member of the Sound Experiments Group of the Institute of Cinematic Arts and Industries of Cuba (ICAIC), He composed music for documentaries such as “Testimonio”, “El hombre de Maisinicú” and “La Nueva Escuela”.

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9. In case you didn’t know either It has its own website known as Trainee bag.

10. Currently, He is married to Niorka Gonzalez, a Cuban flutist and clarinetist.

This is how Silvio Rodriguez celebrates his 77th birthday on WednesdayHe left a great legacy in music.