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DJ Perenara's call to All Blacks in New Zealand has caused controversy

DJ Perenara’s call to All Blacks in New Zealand has caused controversy

Ian Foster Confirmed the list of players available for All black At Rugby Championship 2021. On The Breakdown show New ZealandEx-servicemen Jeff Wilson, Mills Mulina y John Kirwan Discussed in the presence DJ Perenara.

First, Perenara, who was recalled to the national team, expressed his delight: “I look forward to adding minutes to the All-Blocks. The league in Japan is tough, but it has a different kind of intensity.”

The former backbone Kirwan was adamant that it was a mistake to add half of Scrum, who played in Japan last season, “Why leave Christie.”

That’s where Mulaina disagreed with her teammate: “I think he’s at the bottom level in terms of intensity, but I know the coaches call him that. And what DJ Perenara brings. “

In addition, Mills promised: “I think Perenara contributes a lot in terms of leadership on the team. For coaches Perenara is third and Christy is fourth, what do you call them DJ? Someone with experience on the team. I want to have someone with that leadership, its worth it.”

Finally, as the discussion continued, Kirwan bluntly stated his opinion and his question: “I may be a dinosaur, but why didn’t they let him play before he or all the other blocks? Then call him to the rugby championship. What happens if they test it on all the blocks Should be before being summoned, but not when “.

Finally, he declared: “Your point is Mills is right now, what’s about winning the All Blacks jersey. I have nothing against DJ Perenara, but Christie earned it. I’m DJ Perenara is very good at this position, but we have not seen him for a year.”

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Before changing the title, Wilson consulted the All Blacks head coach on the matter and Foster responded: “He’s a basic leader for us. We hope he can maintain the momentum we need. He is an athlete, very competitive. Christy has his chance. I think there are opportunities. “

In addition to DJ Peranara, two scrum half fosters, Aaron Smith and Brad Weber, will be counted for the rugby championship. Christie was knocked out after playing against Tonga and Fiji through the July window.