July 14, 2024

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Half of Brazilians think Bolsonaro could stage a coup, according to a poll

Half of Brazilians think Bolsonaro could stage a coup, according to a poll

50% of Brazilians believe that there is a possibility that the president of the country, Jair BolsonaroI tried to overturn it, according to a survey published last Saturday Datafolha Institute.

The survey also noted that 56% support Congress to initiate impeachment proceedingsThe EFE reported that a percentage similar to that recorded in July (54%), compared to 41% who rejected this possibility.

The results of the survey come weeks after institutional tension Between Bolsonaro, Parliament and the Supreme Court, which included him in several investigations on various issues, including spreading false and undemocratic news.

in this context, 30% of Brazilians believe that there are “many possibilities” that the head of state will break the current democratic system20% admit that this scenario is possible but “unlikely”.

On the contrary, 45% of those surveyed consider it so There is no chance of a coup Headed by the retired captain of army.

In addition to, 51% fear the return of dictatorship to Brazil, as it actually happened with the military between 1964 and 1985. This percentage is the highest since Datafolha began asking this question in February 2014.

Yes good 70% defend that democracy is the best system for the country, which is the second highest mark since the start of the historical series, in 1989; While support for a dictatorship has fallen to its lowest levels, only 9%.

The survey is the result of 3,667 interviews with people over 16 years of age Between September 13 and 15, in 190 municipalities in the country. The margin of error is two points.

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Bolsonaro led on September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day, a national day of protests described by political sectors as undemocratic, as He threatened to “toughen” the Supreme Court and not implement its rulings.

The pulse between Bolsonaro and the Supreme Court has been long and worsening as of last year.

The governor is being investigated by the Supreme Court under A process that has already led to the imprisonment of many far-right activists To spread false news and attack state institutions.

Bolsonaro’s undemocratic rhetoric sparked a wave of criticism from judges, parliamentarians and even political parties from his own base, in response. He almost apologized in a so-called “Message to the Nation”.

in the message, Bolsonaro called for “harmony” of forcesHe stressed that he “never wanted” to “attack” institutions and called for “unity” in the face of the economic and social problems facing Brazil.

Since then, the president who At its worst with highest failure rates since taking office in 2019Toned down the tone of the official actions in which she participated.