August 8, 2022

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Doctor goes against influencers who express their opinion on health issues

Doctor goes against influencers who express their opinion on health issues

  • The lack of regulation online means that there are more and more influencers giving their opinion of health without being doctors.
  • Although it seems harmless, it is actually the beginning of fake news and information distortion.
  • Having charisma is not enough to talk about such sensitive issues.

Technology has not only changed the lives of millions of people, but has also created new job positions. One of the most attractive cases is the case Influencers and although there are different types, the ones who are most criticized are those who talk about health-related issues.

In the first place, the current strength of social networks should be highlighted. Just in the case of Facebook which is the most famous one, It has nearly three billion active users worldwide.

Requirements to be an influencer

In this context, some people have been able to take advantage of aspects like charisma and become so Digital leaders. With this in mind, to be an influencer, it is necessary to adhere to at least three basic aspects:

  • He has credibility in a particular subject.
  • You can influence the decisions of others, based on your own power, knowledge, and position.
  • He has a huge number of fans who follow him and who he motivates thanks to the relationship that he has been able to build with them over time.

Now, the problem that is becoming more and more noticeable is that some Influential people abuse their position to talk about health-related topics. It sounds harmless but it is the start of fake news and information distortion.

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As a result of this situation, a doctor posted a video clip expressing his opposition to this type of celebrity on the Internet. It’s about the user Tweet embed, who describes himself as a surgeon interested in positively impacting people’s health and quality of life. He is also a content creator and directly asked people outside of the medical field not to talk about these kinds of sensitive topics.

The negative aspects of expressing an opinion on topics such as health

It all came about because of some videos that became popular. This is the one about flatulence and the “advice” you give influencers. The problem arises because they lack sufficient knowledge to comment on it from a scientific point of view.

As the doctor points out, this situation should not be taken lightly. In addition, the causes are very diverse and can range from IBS to colon cancer.

For their part, some countries like China have already made a tougher decision. In that nation, it is now necessary to verify medical studies to be able to post healthy content on social networks.

And in your case, what do you think of influencers who post health-related content without being doctors?