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Dollar price in Peru: How much did the exchange rate open on September 13?

Dollar price in Peru: How much did the exchange rate open on September 13?

Find out if the dollar will open lower or higher on Bloomberg and BCR. | Andes.

he exchange rate It opened lower at S/3.7039 soles this Wednesday, September 13, according to the economic portal Bloomberg. Thus, the value of the currency decreased by 0.01% compared to the previous day’s average.

Meanwhile, in the parallel market in Peru dollar price It was quoted at S/3.68 to buy and S/3.71 to sell, based on data from queestaeldolar.pe.

It is worth noting that in the recent closure of Central Reserve Bank (BCR), the US currency closed at S/3,700

Dollar price opens lower on Bloomberg. | Bloomberg

If you are thinking of changing this US currency at the major banks in Peru, we leave it up to you dollar price In the banking authorities in the country:

  • BCP: S/3,613 to buy and 3,768 to sell.
  • BBVA: S/3,629 to buy and 3,771 to sell.
  • Interbank: S/3,668 to buy and 3,737 to sell.

Despite the political crisis that Peru is currently experiencing, and despite all the difficulties,… Economy This country is proud to be It is the most stable Latin American region, because while other currencies experienced fluctuations, the Peruvian sun It has been reinforced.

The coronavirus pandemic has generated a series of negative economic impacts around the world – such as inflation – which, combined with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and domestic monetary policy decisions, have weakened the global economy. dollar.

However, the Peruvian currency showed resilience in the face of these events and gained strength against the USD and USD euro. If the positive factors that have supported the Sun in recent months continue, it is possible that the currency will continue on the same path in the coming months and even years.

Image archive. A worker walks past the logo of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) inside its headquarters in Lima, Peru, June 16, 2017. REUTERS/Mariana Pazo

The resistance of the Peruvian sol in the face of other adversities that managed to strike other currencies made it become a currency. “shelter currency”Especially in countries that suffer from a scarcity of dollars, as is the case in Bolivia.

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Although economic analysts have lowered their forecasts for the growth of the Peruvian sol over the next two years, macroeconomic balances are nonetheless expected to continue to support the sun.

SOL has been legal tender in Peru since 1991 and inti has been replacedwhich traded between 1985 and 1991, was initially also called as “New Sun” To distinguish it from its predecessor, but in 2015 it was called just the sun.

The origin of the new sun was understood after the global crisis of 1929, which led to a deep economic and banking crisis in the country, as well as the creation of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. During the first year of Alberto Fujimori’s government, New Sun was promoted for balance Hyperinflation and economic reorganization.

After its entry into force, one Martian day became equivalent to one million Ents or one billion “old” Sol; Today the coin is divided into 100 cents and its issuance is regulated by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

Currently in circulation Coins of 10, 20, 50 cents, 1, 2 and 5 sol and banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 sol. Previously, 1-cent coins were also minted, but they were withdrawn from circulation in May 2011, while 5-cent coins exited circulation in January 2019.