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Dollar today, January 2, in the Dominican Republic

Dollar today, January 2, in the Dominican Republic

he American dollar Quoted at the beginning of this session January 2 to 57.83 Dominican pesos on averageWhich indicates a change of 0.78% compared to the previous day's figure, when it closed at 57.38 pesos.

Regarding the profitability of the past seven days,… American dollar Record an increase 0.57%so that it still maintains its rise last year 5.92%.

Comparing this data with the data of the previous days, it reflects the result of the previous session, as it ended with a decline of 0.49%, which indicates its inability to prove a stable trend in recent dates. Referring to last week's volatility, it is lower than that accumulated last year, and presents itself as a value with lower changes than the general trend in recent days indicates.

The peso is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. It was created in 1971. (Getty)

he The Dominican Peso is the official currency of the Dominican Republic It is abbreviated as DOP and its creation dates back to 1971 after the breakup of the gold standard. At first it was called the “golden peso” or “Dominican golden peso”.

In 2010, an amendment was made to the constitution to specify that “the national monetary unit is the Dominican peso.” Then, in 2017, the gradual replacement of bills and coins with the old inscriptions of the Dominican peso began.

Banknotes currently in circulation are 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Euro pesos. Circulation of 5- and 10-peso banknotes was halted They were exchanged for coins worth 5.10 and 25 pesos respectively. Meanwhile, gold banknotes of 500 and 2,000 pesos were issued to mark the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America and the arrival of the new millennium.

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It should be noted that all the bills carry the phrase: “This law has the liberating power to satisfy all public or private obligations.”

In the economic fieldthe Dominican Republic has delivered a strong performance since 2022 that was overshadowed by lower income growth due to price increases due to Economic inflationWhich was launched outside the central bank's target range.

This case too It caused a financial deficit Due to unexpected subsidies to counter rising prices, while the conflict also affected Europe, since the Dominican Republic is a net importer of oil, natural gas, soybeans, sorghum, wheat and corn.