August 19, 2022

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Dutch GP wins major legal battle

Dutch GP wins major legal battle

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    After a frustrated attempt to integrate again into the 2020 calendar, as a result of the pandemic disrupting the dates for that season, in 2021 we were finally able to see F1 again in the Netherlands, once again on the historic circuit. GP in this country for 3 decades.

    The success of last year’s race was total, and it met the expectations of F1, which made an effort to organize a home GP for one of Mediatek’s most accomplished drivers today and in the years and decades to come, such as Max Verstappen. In this context, the grandstands and the skies were dyed orange, due to the commotion created by the young Dutch driver who dominated a race tailored to his needs from start to finish. However, the event has passed low hours since its re-release in 2021, raising concerns about its continuation into 2023 and later seasons.

    Legal confrontation

    As reported from the Netherlands, several associations committed to environmental and climate issues have joined forces to question the environmental permit available to the department to organize an event such as the Formula 1 race. In this sense, these organizations have requested that the said permit be legally revoked until appropriate checks are made on the impact of F1 on the coastal area where the track is located. . Something that may even affect the second edition of the GP scheduled for next September.

    Finally, the Council of State gave its approval to the circuit, which currently will not be an impediment to new versions of the race in the home of Max Verstappen and his fans, after the council assessed the economic and environmental impacts it assumes. event worldwide.

    increase engagement

    At the same time, it is recognized that although measures have been taken by the Department to counteract the contamination, especially with regard to nitrogen deposition, it is recognized that investigations and actions to address must continue.

    Once again, we are pleased that the State Council is also aware that all parties involved have acted tactfully in this regard.‘,” says Robert Van Overdijk, owner of The Circle.

    The judgment indicates that the new Nature Permit restricts the activity of the circuit, and for this alone there can be no increase in nitrogen deposition.‘ continues the director of Zandvoort, who explains how the organization of the test is legally maintained, even though he is on a tightrope due to these reasons.

    In response to the problem that caused the entire ruckus, van Overdijk was explicit in the expression: “It is also good to report the intrinsic motivation to be more sustainable,” as a declaration of goodwill on the part of the department that again sees the celebration preserved.appointment in Dutch territory.

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