June 23, 2024

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"El Mindo" put the number "10" to help his parents run their restaurant

“El Mindo” put the number “10” to help his parents run their restaurant

Almindo and his girlfriend Mar Aldana. Photo: Instagram @maraldana23

Neither the influencers nor their parents were saved from the devastation that the country has suffered due to the Covid-19 epidemic, so Armando Ortiz, better known as “El Mindo”, revealed in an interview with “Le Si Todo” the difficult moments he lived. The parents lived in the restaurant, because due to the closure due to mandatory quarantine, they had to reinvent themselves.

“It affected all of us, in the beginning my parents who had a food business pushed me forward, and we were affected not only by the issue of the epidemic, but also the closures that occurred due to the demonstrations, it caused some missteps so that this daily influx of my parents and this income will continue to flow,” The first data was from what their parents experienced in the restaurant they own.

The influencer emphasized that he had to put more effort on his part, as they say colloquially. “Put on 10” In order to help his parents move forward with their business.

Many believe that with his sense of humor, he had already gained ground in the conquest of women, but after passing through reality Master Celebrity“El Mindo” learns some tricks to get over his girlfriend, dietician Mar Aldana, who put an imprint on their relationship, but tells how it felt to live together as a married couple with her.

“I am so in love, but I believe that love goes hand in hand with something called admiration, so that it goes from one part to the other, which has made us have a good time and believe in love as in ancient times,” I mentioned the creator of “I know everything”.

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He stated that they already live together under one roof, so they plan the future, seeing it from the point of view of a stable and reasonable relationship. However, their relationship has also contributed to the fact that by creating content for their social networks, they carry a positive message of what they would like their colleagues to inspire.

“In this world of social networks, the facilities that allow you to grow are to make a scandal or create a controversial topic. I hope that people who want to join this union will contribute to providing valuable content, which we feel we recognize and continue to grow as a community for generations to come” .

In 2019, his culinary, culinary and culinary abilities were measured at MasterChef Celebrity Colombia at that moment, but he did not win. Nevertheless, he managed to get superb preparations, for example, he was once so grateful by the jury—chefs Nicolas de Zuberia, Jorge Rauch and Chilean Christopher Carpentier—to have the ossobuco in the cream of squash he made.

Among the famous contestants of the aforementioned version of Gastronomic Reality, Kika Nieto (influencer), Andrea Tovar (former queen), Diego Trujillo (actor), John Alex Castano (singer) and Adriana Lucia (singer), victorious among her companions and remaining the title of winner.

So through the Q&A dynamic, the creator’s girlfriend is constantly asked if he’s conquered her with his knowledge of Masterchef, and he answers this: “Mindo has an incredible seasoning, he invaded me…”, was primarily expressed when Caleño interrupted: “kitchen tip“So the woman from Huila concluded the same thing: “On the edge of the kitchen, boyfriend: 10 out of 10.”

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