May 22, 2022

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Elden Ring players have reported being suspended for no reason

The latest video game from From Software, elden ringNot only was it a huge success, but it also exceeded any sales expectations Bandai Namco might have raised. However, the title of the Japanese company is not without problems. That is now we know that there Elden Ring players have reported being banned from playing for no reason. So I did mentioned Moderator GameRant, which explains that there are many users talking on Twitter about this issue that seems to be multiplying in the last hours and negatively affecting the gaming experience.

As these players explain, while enjoying their exploration in the middle lands, a message appeared telling them that they Performing “improper activity”, which was later followed by an expulsion from the server and the impossibility of logging in again to continue playing. The sample that is the problem Not related to tangible action It is for users to mention what they were doing at that moment: farm runes, explore the map, or kill enemies, among other things.

Gandalf comes to the Elden Ring thanks to the character creator

Now the official Twitter account of Elden Ring not chanting This error is block Some users have had the best rated title in recent times. The worst thing about this issue is that players don’t know if they have actually done any improper activity or if it is just a simple mistake. We will continue to wait for From Software or Bandai Namco to pronunciation About it so those affected can enjoy the game and no one else has to go through this uncomfortable situation.

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