May 22, 2022

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Magnussen surprises and leads Bahrain tests

Magnussen surprises and leads Bahrain tests

Everything seemed to be closed at Sakhir. The second day of testing in Bahrain for the vast majority of teams concluded at 7 pm local time, With the leadership of Carlos Sainz And take full advantage of all the potential that F1-75 seems to possess Behind Verstappen, while both he and Hamilton start to show their cards And those of their teams, or with Alps save the day After solving the reliability issue after more than 100 previous laps. Everything is in normal life… but no one depends on it Hass.

Magnussen leads auditions on his return

The track was closed between 7 and 8 for all teams except for the American team that Four more hours of exams After his absence from the first morning session, last Thursday, due to logistical problems. VF-22 could not reach Bahrain on time After the plane carrying him broke down with its spare parts in Istanbul.

The fact is that the team Gunther Steiner He took advantage of his first extra stage at Sakhir. Continuing his plan throughout the afternoon, Kevin MagnussenOn his return to Formula 1 as Fixed replacement for Nikita Mazepin, placed under the control of the American single-seater car. Everyone was surprised Leading the evening session Hence today.

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The Danish driver started the extra hour testing the medium tyres, C3s, but went for a while on the softer tyres, C4s, to finally dominate the timetables. Magnussen dropped to 1:33.207, a time more than 3 tenths faster than the time set by Sainz Previously, with the same vehicles.

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This circumstance remains anecdotal because, as it is known, the times are not particularly representative in these tests – few go to the maximum, although there is only one day at the end of the tests – and the conditions are not the same or hidden, because Magnussen has faced temperatures Low due to its presence at night and its fuel load unknown. But without a doubt This is good news for Haas.Trying to let go of the bad luck that has plagued them in recent weeks.

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It should be noted, however, that the Magnussen era also had very positive aspects. For example, It’s faster than the one scored by Nikita Mazepin In qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix last year, with a time of 1:33.273. And so, you can see the wonderful adaptation of the Dane to the bench a year after exiting Formula 1, the positive change his arrival to the team could mean or, who knows, If Haas really took a sufficient step forwardas they intended, to leave behind their lower position on the net.

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