August 16, 2022

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Electric cars reach 65% of sales in Norway and Tesla ranks first

Electric cars reach 65% of sales in Norway and Tesla ranks first

Nio et7 is shown at a car show in Oslo, Norway, November 10, 2021. REUTERS/Victoria Kleste

Written by Victoria Klesty

OSLO (Reuters) – Electric cars accounted for nearly two-thirds of new sales in Norway in 2021, with Tesla being the best-selling brand overall, as the country pursues its goal of being the first to end the sale. Gasoline and diesel cars.

While Norway, with a population of 5.4 million, has the largest share of electric vehicles in the world, China, with a population of 1.4 billion, is by far the largest global auto market.

Norway, an oil-producing country, has encouraged the switch to zero-emissions cars by exempting battery electric vehicles (VEBs) from taxes on internal combustion engines (ICMs).

This tax credit is expected to help increase the share of electric car sales to 80% in 2022, before the deadline to end sales of petrol and diesel cars in 2025.

Total new car sales in Norway rose 25% in 2021, reaching a record 176,276 vehicles, 65% of which were all-electric. This market share was above 54% in 2020.

Although a small country, wealthy Norway is seen as a key market for new electric car manufacturers, such as Chinese company Nio and Swedish subsidiary Volvo Cars Polestar.

Tesla captured 11.6% of the total Norwegian auto market in 2021, making it the number one brand for the first time of the year, ahead of Germany’s Volkswagen with 9.6%.

The Tesla Model 3 was the most popular model of the year in Norway, ahead of the Toyota RAV4 hybrid, and the only car in the top ten with MCI, and the Volkswagen Electric ID 4, in third place.

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Chart: New car sales in Norway

Graph: Proportion of car types in Norway

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