July 1, 2022

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Elon Musk "responsible" for mysterious scrolls in New Zealand skies

Elon Musk “responsible” for mysterious scrolls in New Zealand skies

Man lives with absolute curiosity with the possibility of confirming extraterrestrial life or new events occurring around our planet.

That is a mystery Can Solve Mulder and Scully X-FilesAnd they deserve rarities Inverted world in foreign affairs. However, others have “secular” explanations.

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Last Sunday the 19th, some strangers Blue scrolls were seen in the sky over New Zealand. The origin of this phenomenon is unknown to those who observed it at the time, which prompted many theories.

Rumors that they might be of extraterrestrial origin were not kept begging. The scrolls are very large and do not seem to have a natural shape.

After several hours of speculation, the true nature of the event came to light, with a much less alien appearance than many had assumed.

Collected as Meters, The event was caused by one of the SpaceX rockets from Elon Musk’s company of the same name. The SpaceX Balkan9 It was launched Sunday morning and carried the Globalstar DM15 satellites.

For a while Maneuver to release its fuelThe rocket made a turn, which left a spiral column of particles. As sunlight hit the fuel particles, they produced a blue light that could be seen with the naked eye from the Earth’s surface..

Alastair BurnsA resident of Stewart Island announced that people had gathered on the terrace to think about an event that had no explanation at the time.

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Of course, whenever we look at the sky and see something unusual, be it an eclipse, a comet or an event, we do not know its origin.

When we discover many things beyond our atmosphere, it is natural to surprise ourselves, even if any established event soon finds an explanation.