May 21, 2024

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ElonJet returns to Twitter, albeit with a delay

ElonJet returns to Twitter, albeit with a delay

Last week we watched one of the most personal series on Twitter. Elon Musk has achieved something he has been waiting for for a long time, closing one of the accounts that has caused him the most headaches in recent years. And that was one of the most important accounts of his person was ElonJet. But now it seems The builder starts it again on one condition.

ElonJet is back, but it won’t be in real time

One of the things that attracts us most about mobile devices is their immediacy. You can now see where a friend is in real time if they share their location with you, but this feature doesn’t apply well in all cases. And we have ElonJet, a profile that makes available to all users information about the whereabouts of the billionaire’s private jet.

but not He removed the musk himself? aYes, a week has passed since then, but everything seems to be back to its origins. For what matters TechcrunchThe account may be turned on again, but under another name and for another reason. It turns out that a new account appeared today ElonJetNextDay, Which will do the same as the previous one but with a delay of one day.

That is, the account holder, the same as the previous one, Jack Sweeney, reopens his account, bypassing Musk’s veto and on the condition that he does not show the real-time whereabouts of the millionaire. The fact is that the account is currently active and it is not clear if the new owner of Twitter has any intention of deleting it in the near future.

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Dynamite: An attack on the car of one of Misk’s sons.

As we told you back in the day, Musk was determined to let this bot continue to function. However, it was the recent attack on one of his cars, where his son was traveling, that made him completely change his mind. The ‘joke’ even spread to one of the microblogging app’s competitors, Mastodon, whose profile was removed for transmitting information ElonJet could no longer display on Twitter.

Now, as we told you, Sweeney has opened a new account, so it will be a matter of time to see how events develop.