June 12, 2024

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Epidemic Management: France and New Zealand top the list, according to a study

How did different governments manage the Govt-19 epidemic that erupted in China a year ago? Lowe Company in Sydney Rated nearly a hundred countries The novel is based on six criteria, including confirmed cases of corona virus, deaths and screening devices.

A press release from the independent organization, which released the study on Thursday, said “these indicators show the extent to which the epidemic has been well or poorly managed”.

According to the Australian Think Tank, New Zealand is the best student on the planet.

Screenshot.Lowie Institute, Sydney

Thanks to a border closure and “quick and strong” control and screening measures, the island has largely succeeded in controlling the epidemic.

Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, Latvia and Sri Lanka are also among the top ten countries providing the best answers.

Bad student in Brazil

France is ranked 73rd out of 98 countries. It lags behind Belgium, but lags behind Germany, 55th or Italy, 59th. Spain, too, appears at the bottom of the table, ranked 78th.

Screenshot.  Sydney Lowe Company
Screenshot. Sydney Lowe Company

Finally, Brazil, with more than 428,000 deaths from the disease, was finally finished, soon to be surpassed by Mexico, Colombia, Iran and the United States.

For much of the past year, leaders in Brazil and the United States have downplayed the threat, mocked the wearing of masks, resisted locks and attacked the virus.

“Most countries stood only for their bad results”

China – the place where the virus first appeared – was not included in the rankings due to the lack of data released during the tests, Think Tank said. For its part, Beijing sought to promote its good management of the epidemic, thus trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of its dictatorial system compared to many democracies that have been severely affected by the Cov-19.

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According to the Lowe’s Institute, no political organization has succeeded in managing the epidemic. “Some countries managed better than others, but most countries only stood up for their poor performance,” the study reports.

There seems to be an advantage for states with a population of less than 10 million. “In general, countries with small populations, cohesive communities and talented companies are desperate to tackle a global crisis like an epidemic,” the report says.

Since the outbreak, more than 100 million cases have been reported, and 2.16 million people have died from the new corona virus.