June 21, 2024

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In New Zealand, borders are closed for “a good part of the year”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern on November 30, 2020 in Wellington, New Zealand (MARTY MELVILLE / AFP)

In managing the Govt-19 epidemic, New Zealand is a role model: only 2,290 cases and 25 deaths in this country of five million people. But in the globalized world, even if you are an island, you are not alone.

So with the exception of New Zealand citizens, it will wait until the global vaccine is safe to reopen its borders, which have been closed since March. Yesterday, the most famous Prime Minister Jacintha Arden said: “New Zealand does not feel that the world has returned to normal“. for now, Given the risks around the world and the uncertainty about international vaccination campaigns, we can expect our borders to be affected for most of the year.. “

Other parts of the world pose a greater risk to our health.

Jacintha Artern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Boundaries will not be reopened, “he said.New Zealanders are not vaccinated and protected“A process to begin with.”The general public“In the middle of this year.

What happened to New Zealand to make such a decision? The country has not registered any cases for more than two months, but one woman last weekend Tested in favor of the South African strain. This New Zealander came back from Europe. The practice imposes two weeks of isolation in a hotel selected by the government, until it presents a negative test. When she returned home in the north of the country, she was in the negative. Ten days later, a new test showed that he was infected with the virus, presumably during his isolation.

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An inquiry is opened to understand how, but this exchange would have been done by the hotel’s air conditioning systemNew Zealand Health Minister Chris Hipkins says 15 close contacts with the infected woman did not carry the virus.

There is a little subtlety to closing the New Zealand border: there has been a “travel bubble” between New Zealand and Australia for a few weeks. This “bubble” allows the people of these countries to travel between and be exempt from isolation.

After the discovery of new pollution in New Zealand, Australia stopped its bubble for 72 hours. Australian Health Minister says he will choose oneTotal alert“Before we know it. The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinta Artern said.”Disappointment“At the end of the day, saying that the situation”Under control“Now.

Jacinta Artern explains that for all foreign tourists to return, you need one of these two things: to be vaccinated means that you do not pass on the cove to others; Or the people of New Zealand are being vaccinated enough to keep tourists safe. She warns, it will take time.