June 25, 2022

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ESO New Mathematics: "Learn Social and Emotional Skills to Build Resilience"

ESO New Mathematics: “Learn Social and Emotional Skills to Build Resilience”

New mathematics approved by the government Pedro Sanchez for ESO includes learning «Socio-emotional skills“so that students can “increase their general well-being, building resilience And they thrive as math students.

The Royal Decree 217/2022issued on March 29, which sets out the regulation and minimum precepts for compulsory secondary education, notes that “research in teaching” has shown that “performance in mathematics can improve if Biases question And they are evolving positive vibes towards mathematics.

For this reason, he adds, “Mastering social and emotional skills such as identifying and managing emotions, facing challenges, maintaining motivation and persistence and developing self-concept, among others, will allow students to increase their overall well-being, building resilience and thriving as a student in mathematics.”

According to the royal decree, this socio-emotional sense incorporates “knowledge, skills, and attitudes to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, and increase the ability to make responsible and informed decisions.”

All of this aims, in continuation of ESO’s new mathematics curriculum, “to improve students’ performance in mathematics, in Negative attitudes towards them decreasedpromote active learning and Eliminate sexual preconceived notions Or the myth of the indispensable talent.

To these ends, it demonstrates that it is possible to “develop strategies such as student awareness The role of women in mathematics Through history and today, Error normalization As part of the learning, encourage equal dialogue and non-competitive activities in the classroom.”

Additionally, the document states that “solving mathematical problems – or more global challenges in which mathematics is involved – should be a rewarding undertaking”.

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He adds, before asserting that “developing this competency includes identifying and managing emotions, recognizing sources of stress, perseverance., critical and creative thinking, improving flexibility and maintaining a proactive attitude toward new mathematical challenges.”

Another point of the new curriculum is “working on the values ​​of respect, equality or the peaceful resolution of conflict, while solving mathematical challenges, developing effective communication skills, planning, inquiry, motivation and confidence in their own potential, allowing students to improve self-confidence and normalize coexisting states of equality, creating healthy relationships and work environments.

Developing this competency entails “demonstrating Empathy for othersEstablish and maintain positive relationships, practice active listening and assertive communication, work as a team and make responsible decisions. Likewise, breaking stereotypes and preconceptions about mathematics associated with individual issues, such as those associated with gender or belief in an innate predisposition to mathematics is encouraged.