June 16, 2024

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Esports: LoL Final Worlds 2023

Esports: LoL Final Worlds 2023

LoL World Cup Final, Live: T1 – Weibo Gaming

Today we will experience the biggest match of the year in League of Legends, the highly anticipated World Cup Final where T1 and Weibo Gaming will face each other.

The Korean team arrived as favorites after eliminating the top two teams in the LPL, undoubtedly showing the best League of Legends in the tournament. T1 has only lost two maps so far in the World Cup, one against Gen.G in the Swiss format in Week 1 and another in the semifinals against JD Gaming, the main favorite to win the title. The development of LCK 2 seeds in these worlds has been tough, and since their debut against Team Liquid, they have only gone up.

Weibo Gaming will be at the forefront, ranked fourth in the English Premier League and which many accused of being the worst Asian team and possessing players with great experience in these great events. It must also be said that Weibo reached this final after defeating only one Asian team, namely Bilibili reached the semi-finals, but they surprised everyone by qualifying for the final, which few were counting on.

TheShy and Crisp already know what it means to be a world championWhile Xiahou has 5 LPLs under his belt and 3 MSIs, he has yet to win a World Cup. In the T1 team, none of its members except Faker know what it means to win the World Cup. but In Seoul, they will play against their own people in what will be the sixth final in their history, and also the sixth for the GOAT in this video game.

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From MARCA Gaming, we will follow the final in person, an experience made possible thanks to Mercedes-Benzone of the strongest brands that Riot Games collaborates with today.