December 9, 2023

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Ethel Puzo cried when she recalled the beginnings of “My Mom Cooks Better Than You,” a show that will go off the air

Ethel Puzo cried when she recalled the beginnings of “My Mom Cooks Better Than You,” a show that will go off the air

Ethel Puzo cried when she recalled the beginnings of “My Mom Cooks Better Than You,” a show that will go off the air. | America TV.

“My mother cooks better than your mother.”, the gastronomic space that is broadcast on the Latina signal says goodbye to its viewers. Six years later, under the leadership of… Ethel Pozzo And Yako EskenaziAnd this space will come out of the air, as he himself announced Gisela Valcarcelthe owner of this production.

“It all started six years ago, and we’re coming to the end of one of the most successful seasons of My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours,” the My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours host said at the start. America Today, Before he watched the tribute video that his mother had prepared for him.

It is worth remembering that “My mother cooks better than your mother.” It meant starting in the world of leadership Ethel Pozzoso he couldn’t help but break down when he remembered how this show started.

Even his partner Yako Eskenazi He decides to play a practical joke on her, noting that when they met, they teased Gisela Valcarcel’s daughter as the “eternal bachelor”, not imagining that she would find true love over the years and get married soon after. .

The América TV cooking show, “My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours,” hosted by Ethel Puzo and Yako Eskenazi, ends.

While the former member of ‘It’s a war’ She stated that important moments occurred in her life during their time in this program, and Ethel Pozo was deeply affected, so she asked her partner how it was possible that he did not cry, and she found herself shedding a lot of tears.

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For his part, his partner indicated that he was also very affected by the end of this program, but he had to continue, as the audience expects to get a good dose of fun and family entertainment.

“Ethel and I have had great chemistry since we met, and growing up in a place where celebrities and their mothers feel at home, it’s been one of the best TV experiences of my life,” he said.

She commented, “I have completed a very important stage in my life. It has been six wonderful years. My mother’s cooking… has allowed me to begin my path of driving and reaching homes in Peru, and I am more than grateful.” Ethel Pozzo.

Ethel Puzo cried over her daughters’ sweet Mother’s Day greeting. (America TV)

Ethel Pozzo He couldn’t help but show his indignation when he saw this Tony Rosado It was part of the frowned upon challenge during one of their concerts in Pucallpa. As we saw in the photos that spread on social media, the cumbia singer appears undressing a young woman who came on stage to drink a can of beer.

“He personally unhooked her bra so that she was completely stripped of all her clothes, completely naked. “I actually said, ‘We have to do a psychological profile on the guy because he’s probably not feeling well,'” the daughter said. Gisela Valcarcel.

After indicating that Tony Rosado should seek professional help, Ethel Pozo also called for the cumbia singer to be punished, as this is not the first time he has been involved in a scandal. “If he were of sound mind, he should receive a punishment. “No one can go up to a woman and ask her to take it all for a can of beer,” he concluded.

Ethel Puzo becomes upset with Tony Rosado and sends him for a psychological evaluation.