April 22, 2024

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Everything is in order on your Samsung mobile phone with this trick

Everything is in order on your Samsung mobile phone with this trick

Ensuring the proper functioning of our machines is in our hands. That’s why we can make a diagnosis that Check if everything is working properly. Samsung phone users can do this through the Samsung Members app, and we’ll tell you how.

Run diagnostics on your devices and make sure everything is working properly

Mobile phones have become inseparable companions and many users rely on them in all aspects of their daily lives. These have become real travel offices and allow us to carry out many tasks no matter where we are. Therefore, it is important for them to ensure their correct performance and be prepared for what may happen. So provide a solution to the problem as quickly as possible. This is something that the Korean manufacturer Samsung has taken into consideration and included diagnostic tool, Available to its users through the application Samsung members. If we don’t have it, we can download it from the manufacturer’s app store and use it.

  • Once we can access the application. It’s as simple as opening it and selecting “Presence” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Once we enter this section, we see data related to our device such as its name or model. In addition, from here we can check and register our products for better service.
  • Directly below this section we find “Phone Diagnostics”.
  • By clicking on this option we access a new screen from which we choose the functions that we want to test separately or perform a complete diagnosis for.
  • If you do not choose any specific option, you have the option of clicking the button “Try everything” At the bottom of the screen.
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In doing so, you will begin by reviewing each of the sections that make up the diagnosis one by one, ranging from review SIM card status, NFC, reset and power status, official software, mobile network, proximity recognition, touch screen, buttons, flashlight, speaker, vibration or fingerprint recognition Among other things, even completing 23 different aspects. During the diagnosis, we must interact with the Assistant by granting the application access to certain functions and answering its questions, each time it is asked, such as whether we heard the ringtone correctly or whether it vibrates correctly. Once the diagnosis is complete, it will give us the exact information and we will know if everything is working properly. Otherwise, it will require attention to the areas where it does not pass the test.

This way, we can know if the function is working properly as well as how to solve the problem. So we can get ahead of them even if we don’t notice that something is wrong. We can perform diagnostics regularly, ensuring that our equipment will always be in perfect condition.