May 27, 2024

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These are the countries that pay the least for Netflix

These are the countries that pay the least for Netflix

Same streaming platform, different prices. Find out how Netflix prices vary by country.

The price of Netflix can vary greatly depending on where you live.

Which The price of Netflix is ​​not the same In the different countries where this is available, this does not come as a surprise to anyone. However, it is surprising to see how huge the difference is between countries like Egypt and the United States. the middle Robot body He conducted a study It compares the price of Netflix in 32 countries, letting us know Which countries pay the least? Through the streaming platform.

For the comparison to be useful, men from Robot body You have specified Countries from different continents. Additionally, they examined the prices of the three main Netflix fares: Basic, standard and premium. It is worth noting that there are countries that have advertising plans that are dedicated to mobile devices only, but they are not available globally. Without further ado, let’s see how Netflix price varies by region.

Countries that pay less for Netflix

study Robot body makes it very clear, Pakistan is the country where Netflix is ​​cheaper. Users in this South Asian country pay $1.47 for the basic plan, $2.61 for the standard price and $3.59 for the premium price. According to the media, these prices are converted from the official currency of Pakistan to the US dollar.

Netflix is ​​a little more expensive Egypt is the second country in the ranking. The rates in the African country are as follows: $2.27 on the basic plan, $3.89 for Standard and $5.35 for Premium. We did notice a certain difference with the Pakistan plans, a difference of about $2 in the more advanced price.

Pakistan is the country that pays the least for a Netflix subscription, at just $1.47.

The arrangement continues with countries such as India, Colombia and the Philippines, where we see that the basic plan is very cheap ($4.38 at most). The difference is that the price The premium rate increases In particular, Limits to $10 In the case of the Philippines. The price of this plan in Indonesia is surprising, rising to $12.21, while Standard costs only $4.27.

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In order from cheapest to most expensive, these are the countries in the top ten: Pakistan, Egypt, India, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Ecuador and Argentina. If we look at the bottom of the ranking we discover this The United States is the country where Netflix is ​​the most expensive Out of 32 selected. The base price here is $6.99, and the standard price is $15.49 Premium for $19.99.

Follow closely Francewhere The cheapest plan costs $9.82 To change. Users can also choose the Standard ($14.74) and Premium ($19.66) versions. We have to go down to two more locations to find them Spain, which has the following prices: $8.73 for the Basic version, $14.20 for the Standard version, and $19.66 for the Premium version. Zazoula One of the countries where Netflix is ​​more expensive.

Of course, the significant differences between countries like Pakistan and the United States are due to… Different purchasing powers Of its citizens. However, it is always interesting to see how the price of the same platform varies depending on where you sign up from.