May 17, 2022

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Exatln Mexico 2022: They filtered out potential Season 5 winners

Exatln Mexico 2022: They filtered out potential Season 5 winners

theFifth season of Exatln Mexico In its end, so the battles between them Guardians and Raiders They are getting sharper. The final final of this campaign has been decided for Next Sunday, January 30th So the names of potential winners have already begun to leak.

.’s Facebook account “Queen K1”, It is dedicated to filtering information about what will happen in Exatln Mexico, The winner of the men’s and women’s sub-group matches was announced.

According to this page, the winner of the fifth season will be in the men’s branch Cook Guerrero Pathfinder Member. He will face the citizen of Sinaloa David Juarez, Known as “The Beast” at the end.

Meanwhile, in The women’s branch will be the champion this season, Marisol Cortes, Also a member of the Pathfinder team. The person who was selected for the national football team a few years ago would have been defeated Zodeque Rodriguez.

When and where will you witness the Exatln Mexico 2022 final?

The grand finale of Season 5 of Exatln Mexico will be like this Sunday January 30 at 8:00 PM CST via Azteca Uno.

When does the new season of Exatln Mexico start and who are the confirmed athletes?

The new season of Exatln Mexico will feature athletes who have starred in one of the previous five editions and will be brought together in the All Stars, this Starts next Monday, January 31.

The names of the athletes were leaked on social media So far 13 have been confirmed:

  • Hernandez hands | Season Two | confirmed
  • Cassandra Asensio | Season Three | confirmed
  • Christian Engiano
  • David Gorez
  • Ernesto Casares | Season 1 | Sure
  • Evelyn Bebel | Season Two | confirmed
  • Javier Marquez | Season Three | Sure
  • kook warrior
  • Maki Gonzalez | Season 1 | confirmed
  • Marisol Corts
  • While for the red team they will be:
  • Ann Lake | first season | Sure
  • Aristo Cazares | Season Two | Sure
  • Hyper Gallegos | Season Three | Sure
  • Hollywood polished | Season Three | Sure
  • Jasmine Hernandez
  • Maki Alvarez | Season Three | confirmed
  • Natalie Gutierrez
  • Araujo duck | Season Two | Sure
  • Zodeque Rodriguez
  • Daniel Coral | first season | Sure
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