May 17, 2022

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Elon Musk confirms Cybertruck, Tesla's electric truck, won't arrive in 2022

Elon Musk confirms Cybertruck, Tesla’s electric truck, won’t arrive in 2022

file image. | Credit: Reuters/Gina Mun

The community that had been waiting for Cybertruck was already fearful of an imminent delay in the production of Tesla’s electric truck, because although it was initially said that production would begin at the end of 2022, the company’s website at the end of last year pulled out any number indicating that date.

Although it wasn’t clear now Musk himself confirmed that production of the car announced in 2019 will start “hopefully next year”.

The announcement was made by the Tesla CEO through a call with his investors, where he said that “if we introduce new cars, our total vehicle production will decrease,” and also added that “we will not introduce new car models this year” so the The start of production for the Roadster, the company’s electric sports car, is also ruled out, as is the Tesla Semi, the truck proposed by the company.

We won’t be introducing new car models this year

When asked about reasons other than producing batteries, Musk said that the price and what people are willing to pay for the technology included in the car is one of his main problems “How do we make Cybertruck affordable?” manifested.

It is noteworthy that the initial price of the car after its announcement amounted to about 39,900 dollars. However, Tesla also removed any reference to this price in 2020.

And according to the specialized media The Verge, Musk was also asked in the call about the electric car, which is worth 25 thousand dollars, and he replied, “We are not currently working on a car worth 25 thousand dollars,” excluding at the moment the low-cost car that Tesla has been promising for a few years. . “Sometime we will. We have enough on our plate now. Very frankly,” the billionaire asserted.

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Despite the delay, it’s still available via the Cybertruck reservation website at $100, a vehicle that has not only been delayed but has already undergone some changes since its official announcement, for example, adding one fairly large windshield wiper.

In his social networks, Elon Musk commented that he was driving the brand’s latest prototype, but he did not make any other important announcements, for example, an initial date for the start of real production of Cybertruck.

Tesla at risk: German teenager remotely hacked more than 25 Elon Musk cars

On Monday, a German teenager named David Colombo blogged how he managed to remotely hack cars through security holes in TeslaMateAnd A popular open source logging tool that tracks anything from Tesla’s power consumption to location historyAccording to the news portal, interested in trade.

The post said that the young man had first disclosed the news of the vulnerability on Twitter in early January, but waited for full details of the problem to be provided until the bug was fixed.

Colombo said he was able to remotely access multiple Tesla functions, including opening doors and windows, and starting keyless drives. The teenager also claimed that he could turn on the stereo or sound the horn, as well as find out the location of the car and whether the driver was present. However, he stated that he did not think it was possible to move the car remotely.

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The teen said he first learned of the weakness in a Tesla car in October and was able to contact the owner. It found more than 20 Teslas vehicles at risk in January, but had difficulty contacting owners.

In his effort to alert Tesla owners of the problem, Colombo also discovered a flaw in the automaker’s software for his digital key that allowed him to learn the Tesla owner’s email address.

After reporting problems privately to TeslaMate, in addition to the Tesla security team, the third-party tool pushed a software fix and the Tesla security team canceled all Icons Access affected and owners informed.

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