May 18, 2024

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Experts from New Zealand travel to Alcandarilla to learn how to use water better

Experts from New Zealand travel to Alcandarilla to learn how to use water better

Murcia. The Murcia region is known as the 'Orchard of Europe' despite its scarcity of water resources. To achieve this, it is managed to a maximum Efficiency in water use, lOr it has led to the achievement of international reference status in this regard. That's all delegation Institutes, Institutions and Research Centres New Zealand Halfway across the world Visit the contaminated facilities.

This was one of the stops on the tour organized by the International School of Agri Management (ISAM), based in Almeria, is one of the reference schools in the agri-food sector worldwide. Water Utilization Technologies.

Thus, NZTE, Kwkiw, AgritechNZ, Bluelab Corporation, Lincoln Agritech and Zespri kiwis are some of the companies that visited Azud facilities Visit the factory and explore the most interesting irrigation techniques. As an expert in the field, a good part of the presentation given by this company was focused Underground Drip Irrigation, A practice that allows the contribution of water and nutrients to the plant in a localized way and below the surface to promote root and plant growth. Not wasted, this technique allows up to 40% water and fertilizer savings compared to other traditional irrigation methods.

Asud, one must remember who Invests 3% of its annual revenue in R&D&i, has already been recognized by international organizations for its ability to improve water use. Not in vain, it is one of the two companies from the Murcia region selected to be part of the new research center developed by the American John Deere in Madrid.

At the end of the day, this wastewater company believes that research is of no use unless it is directly applied, which is why its value proposition includes To share the progress achieved, Although this does not mean direct business income.

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On the other hand, it is noteworthy that Azud continues to work to promote its international expansion: “We currently have our headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil, India, China and Singapore. Azud's team consists of more than 500 people in five continents. This dynamism and multiculturalism allow us to reach any market. Provides flexibility and adapts knowledge of local problems to solutions,” he noted in a recent interview. Murcia Plaza Alejandro Escolar, general director of Azud.