August 19, 2022

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F1 2021: Raikkonen, from Formula 1 to motocross

F1 2021: Raikkonen, from Formula 1 to motocross

eWork hard even though I have an idea relaxation After 20 years between Formula 1 and Finnish communities Kimi Raikkonen Embarked on a new adventure: motocross!

the team Kawasaki Racing Team May make the official signature on 2007 F1 World Champion With the aim of winning titles in the FIM Motocross World Championship this year, the popular MXGP. A commitment that’s no stranger to a snowman, since He’s always been a big fan of motocross s For a decade, he has had his own team, Ice 1, where he sometimes works as a mechanic.

Kimi who, yes, Promise to participate moreNow that you have more time. β€œIt’s no secret that one of my greatest passions in life for many years has been motocross, but This team is not what can be called a hobby; It’s very serious, very focused and we aspire to be the best we can be. Now that I’m retired from racing, I’ll be able to spend more time on this project; Not in everyday problems but more from a strategic point of view Using my experience of how teams operate and the factors that lead to success on the global stage.”

“Everyone, including me, We are delighted that Kawasaki has chosen us to be the Factory Team. I know the chance of success is always higher with direct factory support, so this translates into a great opportunity for us as the new Kawasaki Racing team in the MXGP.” To do so, he counted on French MXGP superstar, Romain Febvre, to be the captain of KRT once again After signing a new two-year contract directly with the Japanese plant, which will now be more involved in the new project.

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The first appearance of the new green team leader19-20 February in the Matterly Basin (UK).

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