August 19, 2022

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F1 2022: Carlos Sainz's recipe for defeating Red Bull

F1 2022: Carlos Sainz’s recipe for defeating Red Bull

sThere are nine dates and everything seems to be destined for that Max Verstappen He won his second world title in F1. Ferrari appears to be the only team capable of avoiding the seemingly obvious. But for this they must stop making mistakes … and at the same time their opponent begins to fail. Both conditions must be met. At least that’s what you think Carlos Sainz. Madrid did not resign. He warns that they will fight to the end and if not, they will have no choice but to exercise self-criticism and congratulate the opponent who is very persistent. in buildersthe energy picture prevails with 97 bullet points On those from Maranello.

And in the most valuable section, Verstappen is the undisputed leader with 258 points. had won I played eight out of 13 races. And what was even more frustrating for his opponents was that he surprisingly won in Hungary when he started from 10th on the starting line.

The Red Bull star sees far away in the rearview mirror LeclercWho is second in the leaderboard, 80 points behind Max! His partner in Scuderia was worse. Sainz is fifth with 102 points For the always hungry Dutch pilot. The number “55” is 22 from Monegasque. A more realistic goal today, but Carlos shows an ambitious spirit and aspires to everything, as long as there are options of course.

A little help from the competitor

At Ferrari, we are clear about what we must do, which is winning the races that Max wants to win. Because obviously getting those 25 points is going to make a huge difference in the end. I think there are still a lot of things that can happen at the top of the table. Appointment after appointment A big battle is taking place between the two teams that will continue until the end of the year. It is true that at some point we may need a little help from Red Bull. Have reliability problems and dropoutsbut even without that, statistically speaking, if it’s open, it’s open and you can’t give up,” the Spaniard explains in a statement compiled by Motorsportweek.

Sainz fights with the Czechs P

Sainz fights with Czech Prez. / Ferrari

Learn for the future

At 27, Sainz has already gained a lot of experience in the “Great Circus” and if rivalry in the elite has taught him anything, you should never give up. “I think that’s the number one rule in sports. Until it becomes impossible, you have to keep believing and you have to keep trying to win as much as you can and trying to stay in the fight.. As long as the numbers allow… Until then, we’ll keep trying, we’ll keep developing as a team, and we’ll keep getting better because What we can learn this year, can also be useful for the next few years‘, the sentence to close his ambitious speech.

Let’s see if the fund Mattia Binotto Able to function properly as a block. The F1-75 It’s a car designed to win and Ferrari has two great drivers. Everyone knows this. They fail in other aspects (strategy, ‘pit-stop’…), where the tournament they still have in time to win is lost. But for that you have to put everything together. we will see.

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