August 19, 2022

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PSOE owes that construction of Zurguén health center is 'still left by the board of directors'

PSOE owes that construction of Zurguén health center is ‘still left by the board of directors’

Junta de Castilla y León continues to delay the start-up of works and the construction of new medical health centers in the Salamanca neighborhoods of El Zurguén and Prosperidad, promised in 2009 and even in the budget since 2011, “through bureaucratic entanglements between the various bodies involved in the Autonomous Administration itself, mismanagement and lack of political will to fulfill this promise by the various PP governments,” according to a complaint filed by Salamanca’s PSOE lawyers in Cortes de Castilla and León.

As explained by the Socialist Parliamentarians of Salamancan, after studying the long-requested documents in the Independent Chamber and received this week, it can be concluded that the Directorate General of Infrastructure and Information Technology of the Board of Directors has refused to approve the functional plan of construction for the building that will house the new health center in El Zurguén Prepared by the Department of Primary Care of Salamanca. The decision, “which they took or announced a year later,” according to the Socialist Parliamentarians of Salamanca, since the presentation of the said functional plan, for acceptance and approval, on July 5, 2021 by another organ of the same Council, “means adding a new delay to its commissioning or the start of works , and return the aforementioned project almost to its starting point from the point of view of bureaucratic processing.”

In this sense, Salamancan Socialist Lawyers reported that the Directorate General of Infrastructures had informed, in an internal memorandum issued which Salamancan deputies were able to access, verbatim, “that in this service the needs of the spaces derived from the aforementioned were assessed. The functional plan, is also reviewing the architectural project which was supervised on July 17, 2012, to verify that it may be subject to modification to adapt to the new requirements of the functional plan,” in this way, the Board of Directors adds in these same documents internally “since the proposal sent by the Salamanca Department of Primary Care” in reference to the plan The said functional, “in turn means to change the affected primary health area, it is necessary to continue to treat it” and thus approve the said functional plan and the subsequent plan adapting the project “that the primary area was previously modified to health, which is communicated for appropriate purposes.”

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This “new bureaucratic entanglement, with inconsistencies and lack of coordination between regional executive bodies and public servants”, as well as new delays and delays in starting business and the start-up of the new Zorgin health centre, means that the government headed by Alfonso Fernández Manueluco “is in no hurry or intends to speed up or The streamlining of this much-needed infrastructure, which I promised in 2009, and which has accumulated years and years of delay since I promised to commission it in 2013” criticized from the start the PSOE. “Confirmed” the regional socialist parliamentarians for Salamanca added that the council was “lying” Last June, in statements to the media, the Director of Quality and Health Infrastructure in the IPP government, Alvaro Muñoz, declared that health centers in Prosperedad and Zorguin were among the relevant targets. Priority for the council, “with the sole aim of continuing to deceive Salamanca and the people of Salamanca in the face of the upcoming municipal elections”

The Socialists repeat that successive PPP governments of Castile and Leon “cheated Salamanca for many years, failed to deliver on their promises, shamefully expanded much-needed basic health infrastructure, and took no action or steps to avoid it.” The institutions of Salamanca to do the opposite in Cortes, which constitutes every fraud and fraud of the people of Salamanca”

The PSOE insists on remembering that “the health centers in El Zurguén and Prosperidad were planned in 2009, their construction was carried out by Mañueco himself in 2011 in three years, and they have been budgeted for several financial years without laying a single brick. In any Of which the first, Al-Zarqayn, was included in the 2016-2020 Social Infrastructure Plan.”

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