August 15, 2022

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Faced with rising prices in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Spanish footwear is trying to gain a foothold.

Faced with rising prices in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Spanish footwear is trying to gain a foothold.

The Spanish shoes Trying to get a foothold Japan, Australia and New Zealand An alternative to traditional markets is all the rage International distribution , rising prices of raw materials and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was one of the issues addressed at the conference “Spanish Footwear: Challenges and Opportunities in Trade Policy”. elche .

The Mayor, Carlos González, opened the event in front of more than a hundred businessmen and officials such as the Australian Ambassador to Spain, Sofia McIntyre, and the responsible parties of the Free Trade Agreement. European Union and Japan , Peter Pers, or Minister of Innovation, Carolina Pascual. Subsequently, the Minister of Industry, Kings Marodo The President of the Conseil, Ximo Puig, and MEPs have held a dialogue on the present and future of the sector after the pandemic.

“Shoes are a Best export sector ; Its development is directly related to the ability to open new markets, diversifying, therefore trying to know this day Career opportunities This is provided by the EU’s trade agreements with attractive markets such as Japan, Australia and New Zealand,” Gonz├ílez said.

For his part, Marian Cano, president of the Spanish Footwear Industries Confederation and the Valencian Association of Footwear Entrepreneurs, recalled that diversification into Japan, Australia and New Zealand was already on the map for Spanish footwear before the pandemic. It is, in spite of that Exports to Japan declined , rose when quotas were lifted when it signed a free trade agreement with the European Union. We are going to see the final outcome of the agreement Raising fees In the coming years, when we reach the level of total free trade,” he noted.

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For Australia and New Zealand, although the tariff rate is higher (5%), it is a Related Market In comparison, Spanish shoe companies specialize Spring-summer fashion .

Ximo Puig recalled 70% of Spanish footwear is produced between Else and Elda , the minister has thanked Marotto for his mediation work to save the sector from a very difficult situation if the US tariffs are implemented. And, even in a more complicated situation, the Spanish government’s reindustrialization plans will create a new phase. Modernization of Valencian manufacturing fabric European funds will be an extraordinary boost.