May 21, 2024

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“Fear of losing privileges was effective.”

“Fear of losing privileges was effective.”

the Pyrrhonian machines Miley stopped populism. We will see what happens with the second round, which will be held on November 19. but now These are the results: Sergio Massa He got 36.65% which gave him the surprise of the night, due to the power he has Peronism Still on the ballot, followed Controversial MileyWith real options to achieve the presidency of Argentina. It achieved 30.01%. The third option is for right-wing candidate Patricia Bullrich, who has exhausted her options.

We analyze with Adriana AmadoArgentine journalist, political communication expert at Camilo José Cela University, What could go wrong with some? Surveys Which they gave to Miley is like cattleP is indisputable. And apparently it could have been Fear voting Don’t stop talking Extreme liberalism by MileyWho promised to annihilate the political class and end the state.

“In Argentina, a large proportion, 16%, decide to vote at the moment they will exercise this right.”

Adriana Amado tells us that everything “is explained by Youth voteIn Argentina, half of the population is under 31 years old. “These young people are tired of seeing their parents in poverty, which rises to 60% among young people.” Amado confirms this the following He came out to help with this economic suffocation, but he points out that surveys are a method that “does not respond to the variables of a society that changes from one moment to the next.” Adriana Amado confirms that this is very likely the case with people last week But they thought differently: “In Argentina, a large portion of them decide to vote, 16%, at the moment they will exercise this right.” He points to this as a possible reason for Massa’s victory: “Aid has worked fully in recent times, and appointments in various organizations have increased… What it has done is to make a lot of people lean towards what is known.”

Adriana Amado: “Many people tend towards what is known”

This expert in political communication at the Camilo José Cela University gives us an example: “The price of a bus ticket is 5 euro cents. the Miley’s threat “It was that you would pay one euro, and this led to the understanding that it would be impossible to travel.” “This was like fear, losing those privileges that keep the economy calm, but at the same time it generates that feeling,” Adriana Amado points out. Economic inflation“.

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Second round

Adriana Amado says so Massa She reached the limit: “The results are completely unpredictable because many of the people who voted, and who voted for Bullrich, do not want to know anything about having to choose either option.” Amadou confirms that he does not rule this out Miley wins In the second round, “because there are 60% who oppose what Massa represents, but it is also true that Massa is among all the candidates most opposed to Peronism.” This expert concludes strongly: “What we are deciding today is between right-wing populism or left-wing populism.”

“Today what we are deciding is between right-wing populism or left-wing populism.”