June 20, 2024

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US Secretary of State discuss immigration crisis | News

In the company of nine countries on the American continent, Panama on Wednesday celebrates what the State Department itself described as an unprecedented high-level meeting to comprehensively address the challenges of irregular migration facing the region, particularly the borders between the Central American nation. and Colombia.

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These are ten countries linked to the irregular migration route from South America to North America, which considers Panama as the center of the irregular migration passage which is also a challenge for thousands of people trying to reach the United States (USA). Because of the difficulties posed by the forest of Daren.

The foreign ministers of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama, accompanied by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Peru and high-level representatives from Canada and the United States, will analyze possible solutions to the current crisis caused by thousands of people crossing their borders irregularly.

According to the local foreign minister, Erica Moines, irregular migration is not just a developmental problem, it is an international phenomenon that requires immediate attention and cooperation from the countries of the region that are part of this difficult path.

As a main objective, they will discuss concrete responses and final measures, with a humane and responsible approach, to a phenomenon that is clearly increasing, with numbers exceeding any statistics of the past ten years.

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During the ministerial meeting, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica are expected to present a report on the joint strategy for controlled flow under the quota agreement, according to each country’s ability to adequately meet the needs of the migrants it receives.

About 49,000 migrants have arrived in Panama so far in 2021 through the Darien Forest, according to information from the Minister of Security, Juan Pino, who explained that up to 700 people arrive daily at reception centers on the Panamanian side.