August 14, 2022

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Feminism is the most important revolution that has occurred, Isabel Allende asserts |  books |  entertainment

Feminism is the most important revolution that has occurred, Isabel Allende asserts | books | entertainment

Allende (Lima, 1942) gave a virtual conversation as part of the activities of FIL Guadalajara.


Feminism made “mistakes”, but it is the “most important” revolution that occurred in the world, as the Chilean American considered on Friday Isabel Allende In his book presentation women of my soul On the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) taking place in Mexico.

“Feminism is the most important revolution that has occurred because it involves half of humanity. Nobody has a map or a guide, one begins to get angry and since then, many mistakes are made, many people are lost because they are afraid, and feminism today is completely different and continues to fight”, He expressed.

Allende (Lima, 1942) gave a virtual talk as part of the exhibition activities in which she spoke of her conviction that feminism is the ideology that has helped change the world and literature.

“We live in that masculine culture and it must be challenged in all cases through literature, art, cinema, movements, in the street, in fashion, in the way we speak and express ourselves, everything is questioned and done by young people, men and women, it is not just a feminine thing.”It is to explain.

In an interview with the Mexican narrator and journalist Sofia SegoviaAllende recalled that her conviction for feminism arose when she saw her mother’s submissive and economically subservient figure who had been abandoned by her husband with three children and who had been educated to be someone’s wife regardless of her creative potential.

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She emphasized that technologies and social networks have helped the current feminist movement bring about change in a faster way than previous generations.

“Every generation brings something different and faces different problems because the world has changed. The girls who are protesting in the street for #MeToo are living in the age of social networking, instant communication, which didn’t exist before, and then the progress is much faster,” expression.

women of my soul Born (2020) with the intention of telling her story, her grandmother’s story and the story of other women who were a part of her life and their stories are an example of the transformations women have undergone before the world.

author house of spirits (1982) and Japanese lover (2015) stated that he would like his new book to help people understand the importance of talking about equality between men and women.

“I hope the book is a topic of conversation between mothers and daughters, or between a couple or two girls who are dating, who, upon reading it, find a way to talk about something that interests us all.”, is done.

The FIL takes place from November 27 to December 5 with 600 writers from 46 countries, with the participation of more than 3,000 professionals and 255 exhibitors from 27 countries with an editorial presentation of 240,000 titles in 10,000 square meters of exhibition. (I)