July 14, 2024

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Fernando Batista analyzes Venezuela’s first match with Ecuador

Fernando Batista analyzes Venezuela’s first match with Ecuador

The Ecuadorian national team will be Venezuela’s first competitorTo in America’s Cupand D.T Fernando Batista defeated La Tre.

In an interview with D Sports“, the strategist highlighted Felix Sanchez Bas and his players: “I know the coach very well. It works well, it is true that it is different from the way Gustavo Alvaro plays. But they have a wealth of important players, and a physical team. “We will try to be up to the task, and we will prepare well to play against the first difficult opponent.”

The Argentine recalls the 0-0 draw in the qualifiers: “When they came to play in Maturin, we were coming off two straight wins at home against Chile and Paraguay. They thought they could play that match with more defensive reserves. This does not mean that they are a great team and they participated in the last World Cup.” They have players in very important leagues.

“We strive to continue to grow and go as far as possible. We have hope to play all six matches. Later they will say whether it was the icing on the cake or playing for third place. But the first final will be with Ecuador, and we are moving step by step. While playing, you know how far you can go, and beyond the illusion of the Copa America, the big dream for Venezuelans is to be in the World Cup for the first time. “The championship will serve us well,” Pusha Batista concluded.