July 14, 2024

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Fernando Tates Jr. Says International Recruitment Will Kill Baseball in Dominican Republic

Fernando Tates Jr. Says International Recruitment Will Kill Baseball in Dominican Republic

The Padres star was concerned about the possibility of the MLB and the players’ union reaching an agreement on a prospects for a draft prospect in the Caribbean nation.

Fernando Tates Jr. He’s been taking on his role as the face of baseball and that means that it’s not just what he does on the field that gets a lot of attention. Finalist for the award Most Valuable Player subordinate National League During the 2021 season, stay away from any kind of comments regarding the current situation that is happening between them MLB and its players. However, the Dominican decided to make some comments regarding one of the aspects that concerned him most about the situation: the possibility of an international project for prospects in Dominican Republic.

During a speech at an event organized by Multimedios El Caribe in the Dominican Republic, Tatis Jr. His contempt for the idea and the interest it aroused in him.

“(International) conscription is going to kill baseball in the Dominican Republic. It is going to kill what baseball is in the Caribbean. It will affect us a lot, because there will be many young people who used to give them the opportunity to get a bonus and it will not be the same with the draft.” San Diego Padres.

“There is the case of my father, who gave him a bonus of $1,500. That was a great opportunity for him and he was one of the horses in the major leagues. Can’t talk about this nonsense, there are also many players who got a bonus and the horses were also awarded in the major leagues.”

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boyHe added that it was not just a blow to thousands of prospects who dream of reaching MLB One day, but also to hundreds of coaches who are investing time, money and effort to put each player in the best possible signing position.

“There will be a massive reduction for players who expect a good reward. I make it clear, I think this will end a lot with signing players here in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean,” the player added.

The example that is mentioned the most when talking about failure is that a International Draft On Dominican Republic he is from Puerto Ricosince then after being included in the lottery for players along United State And the CanadaPuerto Rican presence Big Leagues Quantity and quality have decreased, according to opponents.

However, MLB He points out in the submitted proposal, that it is a viable solution to end the exploitation of prospects before the age of signature and that it ensures greater parity in terms of the talent that each team will have access to, adding that the clubs they will have access to will also be able to sign potential clients outside Selection rounds carried out, with no maximum number of players they can get.