May 27, 2022

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The new Halo Infinite event, Tactical Ops, is now available

The New Halo Infinite event, Tactical Operations From the first season active with a free battle pass. From now until March 22nd, the new Tactical Slayer event will be active, which, according to 343 Industries, means that “speed” and “accuracy” will be key to victory. During this time, players will not experience the “classic” Tactical Slayer gameplay, which means no radar, no armor, no grenades, but there will also be some variants.

more concretely, During the new Halo Infinite event, Tactical Slayer will have the following variants: Tactical Killer, Deadly Tactical Commando, Deadly Tactical Guns, Deadly Tactical Guns, and Tactical Assassin. The event battle pass will contain ten unique cosmetics to unlock.

Halo Infinite Checks Out Its Leading Multiplayer Creator

Tactical Operations: New Infinite Aura Event

Despite the bad news 343i shared about the co-op campaign being postponed, no other new event for Halo Infinite has been announced at the moment other than the one already available. the new An event pass that allows players to unlock ten “unique” cosmetics. Complete the challenges. These cosmetic items include but are not limited to the Mark V ZETA helmet of the Mark VII core.

Halo Infinite co-op postponed

In addition, you can buy other Event-themed items that will be available through the Store from the game. Still, these Halo Infinite events are an interesting formula to get you back in the game.

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